Jolly's 8th Grade Science

Curriculum Update


Greetings Viking parents! This week marks the beginning of the hydrology unit; my most passionate unit of study. From conservation to stewardship how can one NOT get pumped up about hydrology? In this unit student learners study the properties of water, water distribution and lay of the land, marine ecosystems, water quality and inequalities as well as human impact on water.

This unit discusses the demise of North Carolina's Oyster fishery's of the 1900's to the importance of the largest estuary on the east coast; Pamlico Sound. We explore the most polluted watershed of NC in today's time; Jordan Lake... home of Guilford County. With a look at these issues, students are learning just how sensitive our water supply truly is. From the Minamata Disease caused by the leaking of methylmercury in Japan, the numerous Superfund sites established by the EPA here in the United States to the North Pacific Gyre, our water issues are not limited to location. Not to mention the world wide water inequality. Freshwater is the smallest amount of accessible water and globally we are in need of solutions to solve water quality and inequality problems.

Essential Questions

These are the questions we want students to be able to answer by the end of the unit.

1. Why is safe water important globally?
2. How are water systems affected by each other?
3. How is the Earth's hydrosphere organized?

Parents can have academic conversations with students about these questions to help prepare them for the post test and the Science EOG.
point source pollution, non-point source pollution, water quality, pesticides, herbicides, stewardship, water treatment, EPA, Clean Water Act, pH, nitrates, phosphates, turbidity, bio-indicator, temperature, dissolved oxygen, sewage, eutrophication, universal solvent, polarity, cohesion, adhesion, surface tension, density, specific heat capacity, estuaries, marine ecosystems, upwelling, photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, hydrothermal vents, salinity, nekton, benthos, plankton, river basin, watershed, hydrosphere, surface water, groundwater, aquifer, transpiration, infiltration.

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