Hermione Granger

How is she a hero?

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Why Is She A Hero To Me?

I picked Hermione Granger as my hero because I admire her as a person. She was never one to care much about what she looked like or fret about something as trivial as a love life. Hermione was more focused on helping Harry defeat Voldemort. One of her most shining qualities was her intelligence, which helped Harry and Ron get out of many tough situations. She strongly cared about those who she loved even if sometimes it rubbed off in the wrong way. Hermione wasn’t perfect or incredibly popular; sometimes she could be bossy, a show off and sometimes even annoying, but through all that she was still able to stay true to herself and those she loved. Even when she was called a Mudblood, she embraced it, sticking to her roots. Hermione shows us that we should be loyal to those who we love, and to not care what others think about our personality. That is why Hermione Granger is my hero.

Hermione Granger; A Hero of Her Own

“Hermione Granger is so much more than just the brightest witch of her age,” stated an article called, Ode to Hermione Granger and the Brilliance of Bossypant Girls. It couldn’t get any truer than that. Most people when they think of Hermione Granger, they think of a smart and pretty girl. While she is smart and she is pretty, she should be held to a standard much higher than that; a hero. Hermione Granger from the book series Harry Potter posses certain qualities that make a hero, such as her extreme intelligence, and her powerful compassion.

Hermione’s intelligence is one of her most shining traits. She often uses it to save Harry and Ron. But what is even more admirable about it, is that she never really cares much when people pick on her about her intelligence. Hermione always has her hand shot up in the air to answer one of the many questions her teachers ask. Hermione is bookish and smart for her own purposes. She is very hungry for answers to questions, and uses them in astounding ways. It makes her a hero because with that intelligence she can wield in times of need. "[She is] highly logical, which allows [her] to look past extraneous detail. And perceive clearly that which others overlook," (Deathly Hallows Part 1). Hermione’s intelligence is without question one of her major personality traits which makes her a hero.

Hermione has a fierce compassion towards most people she meets. The first time Hermione is introduced in the books, is when she is helping Neville (who was a complete stranger at the time) look for his toad. Even if it may seem a bit silly, it just goes to show that Hermione has a big heart. Not all hero’s posses this trait, some can go off killing people or things, without thinking much of it. “It is for the greater good”, they say. But Hermione, with her strong compassion, wouldn’t think once about finding a different way to do the right thing. As said by Ode to Hermione Granger and the Brilliance of Bossypant Girls, “She starts S.P.E.W. because she knows it’s wrong to simply sit around and passively accept slavery.” When Harry and Ron make fun of her for it she ignores it and stays persistent. She believes that the House Elves should be treated no differently than anyone else, because she cares so much. A beautiful trait of hers, that not all heroes posses, is compassion.

A hero doesn’t have to be someone who slays monsters and who is the main protagonist in a book or movie, a hero could be an intelligent, bushy haired girl who can sometimes be a pain. Hermione is not only a hero, but a role model. She shows people of all ages to not be afraid of the power that they have. Hermione is a hero because of her intelligence which helped save Harry and Ron in times of need, and because of her compassion which shows that she cares. But in the end. “It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities.” - Albus Dumbledore.

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