ECS Teachers ROCK

September 19-23

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I wanted to clarify about video use in your classroom. There have been some who are using videos as part of their shared or interactive reading lessons quite frequently throughout the week, if not daily. This is not okay. If you have a short video clip to show to introduce recycling, for example, that is great! Or if you use short clips to show them something introductory to a new unit, that would be appropriate. If it’s raining and we are stuck inside…great. They should be a very once-in-a-while thing and used in an instructional manner. Otherwise, videos are typically NOT the most effective way to teach or engage students in their learning.

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Teachers are to leave their rooms no earlier than 10:25 and 2:25 but please be in your lines at carpool and bus by 10:35 and 2:35

Fashion Police are watching! A note about our dress code...

Professional attire will be worn by professional/paraprofessional personnel.

No sweatsuits, shorts, jeans, stirrup/leggings, tights worn as pants, or revealing apparel will be allowed.

● Staff members may wear nice jeans on Friday with a school spirit shirt worn in a

professional manner.

● Footwear will be professional.

● Teachers may wear team shirts on other days of the week as approved by the principal. They may wear their team shirts with slacks or a skirt.

● Warm-ups or workout attire are not allowed.

● Professional attire will be worn on staff development days, unless noted by the principal.

Cups of blessings.
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