by asher gutierrez

here's how it goes

The Cobra once had mighty legs stronger than horses. His legs where very muscular. One day the armadillo walked by, cobra picked him up off the hot dry sand and hissed “poor fellow don’t you wish you had my legssssss?” armadillo didn’t respond. Cobra was very mean to armadillo. “Ssssilly me,” said cobra “no one can have legs like mine!"

and from then on

Eagles watched this happen every day from his perch on his cliff and decided he had, had enough. “HA, HA, HA you ssssstupid armadillo you are ussselessss!!!” shouted cobra. Armadillo ran. Cobra turned around. Eagles asked “why do terrorize poor armadillo? He’s done nothing wrong.” Cobra said smugly “because he’s jealous of my legs.”

“Then I shall see to it myself. Armadillo are you jealous of cobra’s legs?” asked Eagles. “N-n-no s-s-sir.” Said armadillo shakily. Cobra said in an antagonizing way ”ah yes I see you eagles are jealous of me legs-“NO!!” shouted eagles “how dare you imply I king of the sky be jealous of your pathetic legs!!!!”

This made cobra cross. Then he lunged at him, eagles grabbed him flung him in the air and when he hit the ground eagles tore of and ate cobras legs. “You cobra and your children and children’s children and so forth shall no longer have legs you shall slither on this earth for all eternity” pronounced eagles. And till this day cobra has no legs and Because of his boastfulness he was filled with poison and forced to slither on the earth for all eternity!

here is the characters!

you know that i just came up with that if its an actual story some one came up with i had no clue about it but if not i completely called it!