The Eleventh Plague

Book by: Jeff Hirsch - Presentation by: Erin Breu


In The Eleventh Plague, a series of events after the Collapse of the United States and the Eleventh Plague, or P11, force fifteen-year old Stephen Quinn and his dad to relocate to Settler's Landing in order for his dad to receive proper care for his injuries. Click the button below to read the full summary.


I will be reading two passages of dialogue from the book The Eleventh Plague. I chose the first example of dialogue because it characterizes Will Henry by showing you what he is like, and it also uses Will's thoughts, words, and actions to characterize Stephen. It shows that Stephen is viewed as an outsider by some people, but accepted by others, like Jackson.

The second example of dialogue was also showing characterization. This time it shows Violet and Marcus trying to do the right thing, and Violet is mad and ashamed because she wants to help them, unlike another time in the past with the Krychek family, but Marcus won't let her. Violet is trying to be brave, but Marcus is afraid and he wants to make sure he stays safe in Settler's Landing instead of being banished from town along with Stephen and Jenny because of what they did.


These are the dialogue sections from my book.

Figurative Language

The Eleventh Plague has an abundant variety of figurative language, such as similes, metaphors, and personification.

  • one simile is when Stephen's dad tells him that he is just like his grandfather, who just passed away: "It hit me like a hammer in the chest." This shows that he doesn't want to be just like his grandfather, a person who was always on the move, never wanted to settle down, and was always being resourceful and never wasting supplies. Stephen just wants to be himself.
  • one metaphor and one simile are use when Stephen and his dad did something that they knew his grandfather would call foolish and wasteful, and Stephen even says: "I heard Grandpa's voice, the ice-cold rasp of it, clear as day." This is important to the story because it shows that he is constantly thinking about his grandfather, even though he is dead and Stephen does not want to be just like him. Also, he is always considering what his grandfather would say about his actions and how wasteful they sometimes are.

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