David Brat for Congress

Don't Let Washington Trample the Constitution

Who is David Brat?

Dave Brat is a man that will help Virginia. He has a PhD in Economics from American University, as well as experience as an economic advisor to two governors and a volunteer advisor to a Virginian Senator. He has the tools to help strengthen our economy. Dave supports repealing or defunding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, to give Americans their rights back and help end our recession.

Why is the PPACA Unconstitutional?

Obamacare is an illegitimate attempt by the federal government to add to its power and tighten its hold over the everyday lives of Americans. The law penalizes citizens who do not purchase a health insurance plan by fining them. The Constitution doesn't allow the federal government to force Americans to do something; so, a case was brought to the Supreme Court against Obamacare. The government's main argument, that they were regulating interstate commerce, was declared invalid by the Supreme Court because they cannot regulate inactivity (not buying insurance). The law was said to be Constitutional on the grounds that the fine was a tax, not a penalty. However, President Obama and the law itself say that fine is a penalty, not a tax. Shouldn't a law mean what it says? If it doesn't, how should ordinary citizens know what the law actually means?

What Does This Mean For Me?

The government has violated the Constitution, the very document that defines its powers. Additionally, the Constitution is what protects our American rights of free speech and religion, as well as our rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, just to name a few. If Washington has decided that it doesn't have to obey the Constitution, who will limit its power? No one will. Do you want wealthy politicians who don't understand your lifestyle to have even more power over your day-to-day activities?

Why is the PPACA An Economic Mistake?

Obamacare provides incentives for low-income Americans to cut back their hours from full time to receive government provided, subsidized insurance that is better than plans their employers can offer. The loss of labor hours is expected to be the equivalent of 2.5 million Americans leaving the workforce by 2024, a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report says. Proponents of the PPACA have said that this is due to "job lock", which is when someone wants to leave a job but can't because they will lose health insurance, is ended. This doesn't make any sense; if someone is switching jobs, there is no net loss of hours. Job lock doesn't factor into the report. In the end, the PPACA discourages workers from helping themselves, decreases the labor force, and increases government spending. This ruins the integrity of the American Dream and degrades the work ethic of the American people. How could this possibly be healthy for our nation?

This policy will affect Virginians, too: the University of Virginia has already had to significantly downgrade the insurance plans they give to their professors because of excessive taxes.

What Does Dave Brat Want to Do?

Dave wants to restore American rights by repealing or defunding the PPACA. This will also benefit the American economy. Some supporters of Obamacare argue that it creates jobs by expanding the healthcare market, as well as helping poorer Americans get health care. Dave Brat has a plan that can also expand the healthcare business, but in a Constitutional manner that will not hurt less fortunate citizens. His plan includes allowing healthcare to be purchased across state lines, as well as giving tax breaks to citizens who buy their own insurance (federal law already gives corporations these breaks). This will increase demand for healthcare by increasing the number of people who have access to it, as well as providing an incentive for people to work and secure their own future, not trust it to the grasping hands of the federal government.

Help Yourself and Your Fellow Americans; Restore the Constitution

Vote Dave Brat for Congress at your local polling place on November 4th.