Join today and bow down to our Supreme Leader


The country of Sassafras can be found in the southern part of Canada near the US border. It is home to 1 million citizens. Sassafras natives live under the rule of our great Supreme Leader Erin Goebel. She controls all aspects of our government and people. Our citizens have no say in the laws of our beloved country. The Supreme Leader will carefully select members to consider laws but will only be processed if fully exceeds the expectations of the leader. "The League" is a set of twelve members that will give tips to the Supreme Leader and offer up ideas on laws. They are expendable and can be replaced at a moments noticed. "The League" have no power but merely help with the government.


In Sassafras our capital is Highcliff. Our glorious Supreme Leader rules out of the capital. Everything is run from the capital as it is the central point of our government. We have a command government that controls all distribution of our lumber and natural gas. It is owned by the gov’t and has free will on decisions of what to do with it. Typically we tend to be friendly with China as we tend to have the same views and ways of our people's living. On and off again the United States end up being on neutral grounds because of how close we are to each other. As for enemies, Sassafras tries to stay out of conflict with others. In our land there is only one political party that is a follower of the Supreme.


Our most common language is English. Most of our citizens are employed but we're still not a wealthy country. The lovely Supreme Leader taxes us monthly depending on the household pay. A situation that we commonly have are those of protesters claiming they deserve freedom from our beautiful country. These creatures say we deserve a say in the laws and our life style. Also, 65% of our people have settled within our cities. Besides Highcliff as pictured, our other main cities include Bellview, Westfall, Norcliff, and Shallows.

Some of our critical laws

  1. National day where they celebrate the Supreme Leader on her birthday every year: must bow down to her and must offer up a gift.

  2. Strict travel arrangements: must have a pass to leave country.

  3. Criticism of the state shall be severely punished as chosen by the Supreme Leader.

  4. Laws will only certified if it has been passed by the Supreme Leader.

  5. All males at the age of 18 (unless disabled or cleared by a doctor) are to have soldier training.

  6. Those who speak against the Supreme Leader will be given consequences.

  7. The religion is Christianity.

  8. Taxes are to paid to monthly.

  9. Citizens do not have the right to vote on anything.

  10. Marriages are decided for the citizens at the age of 14 and begin courting at 16.

  11. Protesters are immediately sent to jail.

  12. Curfew of 11 p.m. during the weekdays.

  13. Press will be looked over each day before printing.