Jeb Bush

why voting for him is a grand idea

Who is Jeb Bush?


Jeb bush is the son of former president George H.W Bush, and the brother of the former president George W Bush. He moved to and became the governor of Florida from 1979-2007. Jeb Bush was extremely successful in this job and is now running for election in 2016.

Why should i vote for Jeb Bush?


Jeb Bush is staunchly republican, this shows in his policy,

-Taxes: Jeb Bush is very much like his father and brother on this subject he supports tax cuts and low overall government involvement

-Abortion: sticking true to his conservative roots, Jeb Bush is very much for the sanctity of life and therefore is anti abortion

-Military: Jeb Bush is very pro military much like his family

-Health: Jeb Bush has proposed multiple medicare reforms during his time as governor
-Imigration: Jeb Bush has taken an extremely active stance against illegal aliens proposing military action and a wall


-Under the governorship of Jeb Bush the economy of said state increased noticeably in a time of recession.

-This boom in the state's reserves even came after the governor had pushed tax cuts through and thus lowered all state taxes.

-Jeb bush assisted in the successful campaigns of both his brother and father


-Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida for multiple years and was reelected due to his widely accepted policies.

-He was also a large part in the election of his father and brother.

-Jeb Bush has spent his entire life in the world of politics more so than many other current presidential candidates.


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