Should the government have a say?

be for this so its a healthier place for you and me!

English Debate PSA: Should the government have a say in our diets?

Have you ever wondered why obesity is more rampant in today's society then when our parents were growing up? what changed?

children today aren't really worried about the things that they're putting into there bodies. they just want something quick and good. obesity is getting outta hand, and the government can put a stop to it by having a say in our diets.

One reason the government should have a say in our diets is because so many people are obese and some people are dying from it. not only adults but also children

*it might encourage people to eat junk food

*the government should control our diets to a certain extent

many people think that getting the government involved will help these people lose their over gained weight and eat healthy, but that will only lead to a waste of money and time.

* the U.S. government spends 2.2 trillion dollars each year on health care

* yet millions of people are dying every year due to high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease.

*food that our bodies don't immediately use for energy gets quickly stores as fat

The governments have stated that we have too much sodium in our diets.

*there reducing the sodium in the boxes of Mac n' Cheese and some other foods

*they should have a box where they have the regular foods, and the reduced sodium a next to those so people have the option to pick.

the government should have a say in our diets to a certain extent

if they did that the world would be a healthier and happier place because all the people would be healthy