Future Freshman Enrollment

Counselor Corner Special Edition

Welcome to ACHS!

Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about your 8th grader entering high school. We are excited to welcome the future freshmen into our ACHS Jaguar family. This a special edition of our Counselor Corner newsletter to inform you of all the details about enrollment for high school. The 8th graders will travel to ACHS on Friday Jan. 27th while part of their Reality U, to hear about enrollment options and procedures. The actual presentation that we give your student will be on the Counselor Corner page on the ACHS website under Enrollment, so if you want more details, please check it out!

Enrollment Information Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 8th, 6pm

ACHS Auditorium

Students and parents are encouraged to visit the Enrollment Information Night/Fair on Wednesday, February 8th from 6:00 -7:00 pm (For incoming Freshmen) 7:00 - 8:00 pm for all other students in the ACHS auditorium.

Enrollment Steps

Step 1:

Students will receive initial class enrollment materials on Jan 27th when the 8th graders attend ACHS during Reality U.

  • Registration worksheet with directions
  • 9th grade course offering sheets
  • General ACHS contact information

Step 2:

Students and parents are encouraged to visit the Enrollment Information Meeting on February 8th from 6 pm - 7 pm in the ACHS auditorium.

Step 3:

Students/parents will need to log into PowerSchool account to choose courses. Directions are provided in a video that will be posted on the ACHS website >Counselors>Enrollment

Step 4:

Students will be able to access their schedules in PowerSchool in July. The counseling office works on the master schedule and finalizing individual schedules until late June.

Step 5:

Please understand that these steps are for only picking out classes. You and your child will still need to complete the enrollment process in July when schools send out the remainder of instructions including updating contact information and paying fees. This does NOT enroll your child. This simply selects their courses for enrollment.

ACHS Seminar

Seminar will be on Wednesdays and Fridays next year between 2nd and 3rd hours (on the schedule it looks like the end of the day). Seminar is an advisory time that students use to work on RAMP Up to Readiness assignments, Xello, homework, making up tests and extra help from teachers. It is also a time that we hold assemblies and clubs meet. Students earn .25 credit each year for this class.

Graduation Requirements

This is the entire list of graduation required classes that students will need to complete during their 4 years at ACHS:

English - 4 credits

Math - 3 credits

Science - 3 credits

Social Studies - 3 credits

Fine Arts - 1 credit

Health - 0.5 credit

P.E.- 0.5 credit

Computer Science - 0.5 credit
(Computer Apps in 8th grade does NOT count for H.S. credit)

Speech - 0.5 credit

Elective Classes - 9 credits

Total Required

25 - credits

Need the Details? Here are the places to go for information!

Counselor Corner website - click on Enrollment for handouts, presentations, etc.

Look through the Enrollment Guide.

Contact Information Listed Below (email, phone, Twitter)

Google Classroom - Students will receive the Counseling Office Google Code in Feb.

Newsletter - We send out a newsletter to the parents and students once a month beginning in August/September.

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ACHS Counseling Team

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Last name alpha (F-N) Abby Thrash, thrasha@usd385.org

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Registrar Vicki Goertzen, goertzev@usd385.org