Jerome Robbins



Jerome was born on October 11, 1918 in New York. Jerome began studying dance with his sister's modern dance instructors. He at first wanted to major in Chemistry at NYU. However, due to economic hardships for his fathers business during the Great Depression he decided to make a career in dance. Robbins worked in musical productions and dance for Ballet Theatre, now known as American Ballet Theatre.

Some of his most well known pieces

Why Robbins is important to musical theater

Jerome Robbins is important to musical theater because of his numerous Broadway productions, as well as his lasting impact on the dance world. He won many awards and is remembered as a popular ballet and Broadway musical theater choreographers. He is also remembered for the Jerome Robbins Foundation which was established in 1958 in honor of his mother. He intended for this foundation to support dance, theater, and other associative arts. However, following the out break of AIDS in the 1980's he directed the Foundation resources to the AIDS crisis. He wrote in letters left to the board that he wanted the Foundations to focus its resources to performing arts.