Wired or Wireless ?

What do you prefer?

Wired Internet connections


There are several types of wired internet connections, including: DSL, Cable.
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  • DSL uses broadban, so it faster than wireless connections
  • it connects trough phone lines but does not require phone service
  • always on
  • Unavalibe in many locations


  • Cable connection request broadband, but doesn`t require phone service
  • Cable uses broadband, and it`s even faster than DSL
  • always on
  • Enable in most locations
  • Have a strong signal
  • Fastest Internet connection

Wireless Internet Connections

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WiFi (Wireless Fidelity)

  • You can acsess to the internet from every point in the house within the range of the "modem"
  • The connection can be effected by microwave, walls, Television, etc.
  • You can acess to it with multiple devices.
  • WiFi slower than wired internet


  • Many mobile devices uses 3G or the newer devices uses 4G
  • Can acsess everywhere and anytime
  • Slower than any other connection types
  • Can effet by weather