Highlights of the Week

September 16, 2016

Highlights of the Week

Each Friday we will be sending this Preprimary Conversation Starters to you. We’ll share updates, goings on, reminders and notices about up-coming events.

Preprimary has had a really wonderful week. They are making friends, learning about our schedule, going to specials (PE, Library and Music), and having fun times together. We look forward to sharing more details at Back to School Night, next Thursday, September 22.

Reminders and Requests:

  • Family Photos: Please send or email in a photo of your family for our Families Bulletin Board.

  • Extra clothes: If you have not already done so, please send a labeled extra set of clothes to keep at school. Putting them in a zip lock bag works well.

  • Backpacks: Children bring a backpack every day. Please check the it each afternoon as the children will be bringing projects and notices home

  • Breakfast: Having a good and healthy breakfast helps your child keep energy up for a busy and wonderful day at school.

  • Independence: Encourage “I can do it myself!” It really helps to have children wear clothes that they can take on and off by themselves.

  • Snacks : are provided at school each morning

  • Your trash, Our treasure: For art collages we can use empty, clean yogurt containers; small make-up size boxes; and would love empty, clean, jumbo size liquid deteregent containers (the kind with a spigot)

Nancy Davis and Mary Jane Tobin