Curriculum Directors' Meeting

November 2019

New Legislative Requirements for Career Exploration

2019-2020 PD Counted as Pupil Instruction

Ligon New Programming for MS and HS

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Each week, Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability provides you with time sensitive, important information on student assessments and accountability. Don’t miss critical information -- Please click the following link for the November 7, 2019 edition of Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability.

Science Subject Area Meetings

So far the first cohort of Chemistry/Physical Science, Biological Sciences, and Physics/Physical Science have met. Teachers have had the chance to meet with colleagues from other schools and form a large learning and collaborative community.

Feedback from the participants has been very positive.

The second cohort in each of the subject areas will be meeting during this semester. The plan is to have two meetings per school year for each subject area cohort.

These meeting have been branded as workshops because that is exactly what they are. They are a time for the teachers to focus in and work together to find multiple ways of approaching instruction with the new science standards (Next Generation Science Standards) in mind.

They have the opportunity to share resources and brainstorm methods of instruction to engage all learners.

Please click on the link below to sign up for:

Chemistry Cohort 2 Workshop (this includes any introductory chemistry class such as physical science)

Biological Sciences Cohort 2 Workshop (this includes anatomy & physiology)

Providing teachers with this time pays great dividends in the classroom.

Elementary Science Leadership Group

Michael Pillay is requesting names of teachers that the Principals know are passionate about K-5 Science who might be interested in meeting to discuss the design of an Elementary Science Leadership Group that would commence during second semester but but later than next school year.

Initially, there would be a brief one-on-one meeting in person at a time convenient to them or online via zoom.

After that, there may be a brief meeting after school with the small group to plan.

Dr. Tammy Pawloski Update and Debrief

We had a great day #2! Teams have received information on:

Strategy #1: Building Relationships

Strategy #2: Reducing Stress

along with a good background on poverty, neuroscience, action research and foundations.

Your team received:

Resources including video, slides and resources by email to assist their efforts as they plan to share with their staff

Your team needs to decide:

What and how will they share/continue to share with staff?

How they will implement Strategy #1: Building Relationships

What and how will they implement Strategy #2: Reducing Stress

The next session will be a WEBINAR on Monday, November 18th

More information coming!

Poverty Matters-A Listing of All Strategies

for a complete list of all of the strategies:

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Revised Social Studies Standards News

  • Approved by SBE June 2019 for immediate implementation
  • Revised MSTEP expected to be administered Spring 2022
  • PD Development Committee working on 5 year plan
  • Social Studies Teacher Leaders Meeting will focus on implementing revised standards

Biggest Changes

  • Infusion of C3 Framework and pedagogical shifts
  • Emphasis on essential practices for disciplinary literacy instruction
  • Middles School 6h grade is World Geography and 7th grade is World History and Geography Eras 1-4


Spelling Bee

Dear Principals, Curriculum directors and Spelling Bee Coordinators,

Below you will find links to the 2020 Genesee County Regional County Bee documents.

Registration is $50 per district and is due December 1, 2019. A fillable form will be sent at a later date for the names of the school winners.

Registration Form:



Melissa and Linda

Professional Development Opportunities

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NGSX Training Coming!

HOLD the phones! Our next NGSX Training will be:

  • December 5 and 6
  • January 8 and 9
  • January 21

Registration is coming!

Max is 24

8:00-3:00 p.m.

Continuous Improvement Conference: November 18 and 19

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AdvancED is now Cognia

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