Worker Bees Mid-Month Check In!

We are halfway through the month!

Get Unstuck! Was Kyle's message from the last call! Lets finish strong this month!

Happy Thursday Bees! First off, thank you so much for all of the kind posts, emails, and texts for my birthday! I love you all so much!


*Bingo is going on now!! There are some great prizes, so be sure to ask how you can check off squares!

*We are coming up on holiday season. Some of my best sales last fall were at craft shows! Check out when your local high school is hosting theirs!

*Try and get your one sale a month! You can always treat yourself to something through your personal account:)

*Have a great pop-up idea? Something was a hit?? Share it on our FB page! Please feel free! That is our place to collaborate and celebrate each other!

* How are things going with your accountability partner? It's more fun when you work with a friend!!

*Please let me know if there's anything I can do, or if you have any questions after reading this!

Next Tuesday's Call!! Sign up today!

Event: National Sales Call

When: Tuesday, Sept. 20th at 9pmEST

Online! Click here to register:

This Month's Top Performers So Far!

Worker Bee's Top 10 for first 15 days

I know we have had a bit of a slow beginning with school starting but I know we are going to kick it into high gear for the EOM hustle!!

1. Penelopi Kikis $834

2. Chelsea Oliver $552

3. Jessica and Michele $466

4. Heather Novy $309

5. Annie Rios $281

6. Kelly Cash $230

6. Kenetha Lewis $230

8. Brittany Cleveland $151

9. Shannon Irish $148

10. Dania Fernandez $140