Ripon Cathedral School Update

Week ending Friday 19th October 2018

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Celebrating Poetry

All our children from Years 4, 5 and 6 were fortunate enough to be involved in Ripon's Poetry Festival this year. Wonderful poetry writing workshops were hosted by the Ripon Museums and led by talented, published poets. We are very proud of the enthusiastic response our pupils showed, and of course of the poems they produced.

Our children were invited to the Saturday evening event, and we are delighted to report that Rowan (Y6) and Grace (Y4) went along. Rowan read out the group poem which Andy Croft had compiled from selected excerpts. Well done for managing this so brilliantly in a roomful of people!

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Transported written by year 4

We’re off, we’re off, we’re off to Botany Bay,

They’re sending me to Australia

And they’ll chain me all the way.

I don’t want to go to Australia!

I don’t know anything about it!

How far away is it?

How long will the journey take?

What colour is the sky?

What do they eat there?

Will they eat me?!

How hot is it?

Are there monsters there?

I am anxious, terrified,

I feel faint with worry,

Afraid, petrified, confused,

I am speechless,

I feel scared, horrified,

Constipated with fear.

There is nobody in the world to care for me!

I am lonely as a polar bear lost in the snow,

Like a snake, a stranded whale or a homeless dog.

I don’t like these chains,

They scrape my swollen, sore and blistered ankles

And make my legs bleed.

I have never seen the sea before.

How big is it? How high are the waves?

I can’t swim!

I won’t survive the journey.

Are there monsters in the sea?

Slimy monsters? Hungry monsters?

Will we be attacked by pirates?

Will I be swallowed by the waves?

I am a butterfly caught in a net,

A dog lost in a cave,

A fly trapped in a spider’s web, waiting to be eaten.

I am a tiny fish in the mouth of a great white shark.

We’re off, we’re off, we’re off to Botany Bay,

They’re sending me to Australia

And they’ll chain me all the way.

Cathedral Primary School, Y4

Prison by Year 6

This is my cold, cruel life.

One dreadful day after another creeps up on my heart.

My loneliness tastes salt and sharp and bitter,

Of dry bread without any butter,

Thick, crusty, cold porridge and thin gruel.

It has a cold, jagged texture,

It feels like glass and nails digging into my dreams,

Cold, terrifying even.

It is a tight, empty, burning feeling in my stomach.

I can feel the blood dripping down my aching back.

My greatest fear is the Whipping Chair.

It smells of danger, danger, danger,

Of burning flesh,

It smells of pain and darkness.

It sounds like children screaming,

The whip crashing down on my bruised and swollen flesh,

Flames in my eyes.

The screams in my head won’t stop!

Torture! Fury! Pain!

At night the darkness whispers sweet nightmares.

‘Fear me,’ says the dark. ‘Death is coming’

‘Your days will get longer, but your life is getting shorter....’

My tears taste of loss,

Of blood and dirt,

A flood of gloom filling my heart.

This prison is a bad dream I can never wake up from.

It’s a tragedy, a war, a maze,

It’s a nightmare that swallows me in sadness.

Cathedral Primary School, Y6

I am from.... By William Year 5

I am from a pungent pong,

I am from waiting for long,

I am from a distant life,

I am from a butcher's knife,

I am from a horrible job,

I am from a dirty snob,

I am from a terrible age,

I am from a bad story page.

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Dial 999 and ask for Year 2!

In their ongoing investigations into the Great Fire of London, our Year 2 pupils visited Ripon's fire station at the end of last week. They were lucky enough to try on some fire fighting equipment, sit in an engine, and use the water hoses! We are sure they discovered that modern methods of fire fighting are a lot more effective than in 1666! Our thanks to the fire station staff.

Early Years visit Hackfall woods

We enjoyed our autumn visit to Hackfall Wood. Squelching in the mud and kicking the leaves. Many of us tested our resilience and perseverance as we tackled the steep hills as we walked!

Improve your whole family's Spanish!

We have an exciting opportunity coming up for one family to strengthen their European links and language skills! If you would like to host our Spanish exchange teaching student from Monday 5th November for 12 weeks (except Christmas), please contact Mrs Binks. Basic costs are covered and your guest will help with housework/babysitting and encourage your children to speak Spanish too.

Oscar's Special Play Dates!

We are delighted that Oscar's is growing in popularity and thank everyone who supports the club. Some of you will have noticed that we had to turn people away for the first time today! For safe staffing ratios and adequate space in the room, we have to limit numbers. Of course, it's also pretty difficult to provide snacks for everyone if we don't know numbers ahead of time! So sorry if anyone was disappointed, but booking really is essential.

In anticipation of some more busy days, booking has now opened for the Christmas holidays. Do you have to go back to work after all the festivities have ended? Oscar's will open on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd January, 9am to 5pm. A full day costs £20 and half days (9am -1pm or 1pm - 5pm) are only £15. The link to the online booking site is found below. Just use the email address you provided to school for your first parental contact as your username, and click forgotten password if it is your first time to use the site. If you are finding it difficult to access the booking site, please contact Mrs Rich.


Christmas card deadline: Don't forget the deadline to return your personal Christmas card designs is Monday 22nd October. We will let you know when the cards are delivered and ready for collection.

Date of next meeting: We meet next on Friday 26th October in school after morning drop off. Come to the school reception and we will have a space to meet - all welcome! We'll discuss Christmas fair arrangements and fundraising ideas.

Christmas Fair Donations: We're at the start of our fair preparations and every year we have a raffle with £100 as our top prize - does anyone know a local company willing to sponsor this prize? Full credit will be given and the company sponsor will be named on every ticket and our gratitude board. Please let the school office know if you can help.

Other Christmas news: we will be asking for donations in the coming weeks for 'jolly jars', tombola prizes and helpers. Watch this space for more information.

Dates for your diary:

26th October - next meeting (in school at 9am)

23rd November - School Disco

6th December - School Christmas Fair.

Dates for your diary......

Wednesday 24th October - Year 1 educational visit to Rainbow Factory

Thursday 25th October - Year 6 Welcome Worship

Friday 26th October - School closes for the half term break

Monday 5th November - School opens

Thursday 8th November - Year 4 Welcome Worship

Monday 12th November - Year 4 visit Bewerley Park

Wednesday 14-16th November - Year 6 London residential

Wednesday 14th November - Rec-Y5 Flu immunisations

Thursday 22nd November - Year 1 Welcome Worship

Friday 23rd November - Year 5 visit Jorvik and Dig

Friday 21st December - Nativity in the Cathedral at 1pm, led by Year 2

Friday 21st December - School closes 2pm for Christmas holidays.

Wed 2nd - Thu 3rd January - Oscar's open 9am to 5pm, booking essential

Tuesday 8th January - school opens for the spring term

Community Events

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