Mother Board: what is it?

Motherboard is like the heart of the computer, because it holds everything in place or just like a mother that holds everything together. the mother board is kind of the central componant and everything plugs into it. The mother board is probably one of the most important things in the computer because it holds everything together.

e.g. RAM, CPU, graphics and sound cards.


In this video you will be able to find out some other components on the mother board:
Parts of a Motherboard


Alan Turing

alan turning is the brains behind it all...hes the one that made/invented computers. Hes the one that made the war shorter by about 2 years.
Alan Turing - Celebrating the life of a genius

Alan Turing:

Born: June 23rd//1912

Died: june 7th//1954

Alan Turing was an english mathematician, wartime code-breaker and pioneer of computer science. He broke the enigma code. The enigma machine looked like a simply type writer, if you pressed one letter a thousand million options came up but once the codes were intercepted they were sent to Alan Turing in his hut, but the codes were really impossible to decode it but alan turing machine could decode it, he built this machine called the bomb which did all the magic.