Social Media Safety

By Brianna Gonzalez

Why more social medias need more safety.

In social media you have to look out for who you talk to cause sometimes the person you talk to can be something there not or something that's dumb facebook,snapchat and etc.. sometimes people can add you and you don't know who they are they can just put a picture or something and act like there a boy or a girl just to talk to little kids or other people but sometimes kids other people don't tell there parents who they talk to or hide a lot of stuff there family and stuff that's why social media needs more safety.

How snapchat,Facebook,Instagram can be bad for young kids.

Some young kids the ages of 11-19 but sometimes kids don't know the danger of that SoCal media cause they don't know who there talking to through the other side but sometimes it's hard for people to understand that ..
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