By: Katie Dex

Chile's Holiday's

Chile celebrates National Day on September 18th. Chile celebrates their independence from Spain on this day. Another holiday that Chile celebrates in December Solstice. (December 21st).On this day, they celebrate the shortest day of the year.

Chile's Seasons

Chile has four major seasons. Summer, Autum, Winter, and Spring. These four time zones are way different from our time zones. Summer is from December to Febuary, Autum is from March to May, Winter is from June to August, and Spring is from September to November

Copper And Other Resources In Chile

Chile is the leading producer of copper. Copper is Chile's most valuable resource. The price of copper is about 2.94 per pound. Some other important resources in Chile conclude of, timber, iron ore, nitrates, precious metals, molybdenum, and hydropower.

Days To Remember

One very important time in Chile's history is September 18th, 1810. On this day, Chile won its independence from Spain. If this did not happen, on September 18th, 1810, than Chile may be fighting many different battles.