A Pathway to Success

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Issue 2 February 19 2020

From Kevin Palmer - Limited Statutory Manager

I am pleased to inform you that Neryda Sullivan will continue as Acting Principal for Terms 1 and 2, 2020. Neryda will provide the school with ongoing stability and leadership until such time as the permanent principal position is re-advertised.

Should parents have any questions for me please contact me through the school office.

A Message From Neryda

Kia ora Whanau and Students

What a great start we have had to the schooling year.

We began the year with Teacher Only Days at the end of January focused on Positive Behaviour for Learning and Active Supervision in the playground, Relationship Based Learning, Understanding Behaviour and Responding Safely, and Mining the Data - understanding baseline data through collaborative inquiry.

This learning has been reflected in settled classrooms, the standard of expectation has lifted and students have a sound awareness of behavioural expectations.

Staff morale is good, teachers feel supported and systems are in place to build on capability at all levels across the school.

“Turangawaewae - Our place”, is the schoolwide focus, class treaties have been drawn up and the building of relationships is priority.

Summer sports teams are currently being organised by Liz Stewart, students are encouraged to be active in the playground joining in games supervised by teachers in the lunch hour.

We look forward to Whanau Swimming on March 6th followed by our Competitive School Swimming Sports on the 12th then Inter-Intermediate Swimming sports on March 19th.

Taranaki Anniversary will be upon us before we know it, the following day we have a Teacher Only Day March 10th, where we join with South Taranaki Kahui Ako schools and attend Professional Development around “Project Awa” encompassing a digital technology lens.

A busy term is in front of us, we hope to get some relief soon from this hot weather, perhaps rain may fall! Air conditioning in all classrooms is certainly a treat for all.

Enjoy the weekend, I have whanau up from the South Island so certainly look forward to mine!

Nga mihi nui


Dates for Your Diary

3 March Year 7 Netball Trials

4 March Year 8 Netball Trials

6 March Whanau Swimming

9 March Taranaki Anniversary

10 March Teachers Only Day

12 March School Swimming Sports

19 March Inter Intermediate Swimming Sports

7 April Inter Intermediate Summer Sport Exchange

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Dawn Mendes

Ko Taranaki te Maunga

Ko Patea te Awa

Ko Aotea te waka

Ko Ngati Ruanui te iwi

Ko Ngati Tupito te hapu

Ko Pariroa Pa toku Marae

No Patea ahau.

Ko Dawn Mendes taku ingoa.

This year I am the Tangahoe Whanau Leader. I will be working with and leading Rooms 7,8,9 and 10. Our current focus is developing a strong whanau culture to support our learners be the best they can be. I am also leading Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) in our school and this term we are focused on implementing our new "Kauri Tree" classroom management system and "Positive Behaviour" in classrooms and around our school community.

Community Engagement on Future Education Provision for Hawera

The Ministry of Education is currently working on plans for future schooling in the Hawera area. The Ministry is committed to investing in the property at Hawera Intermediate and Hawera High School. There will be a significant capital investment and so the Ministry is keen to renew discussions about how to achieve the best possible outcome for current and future students.

Many of you may recall a similar process that took place in 2017. As there have been changes to schooling in Hawera since this time (changes to boards, principals etc) the Ministry is leading a new engagement process. This is an exciting opportunity for parents and the whole community to contribute innovative ideas and have input into the future of schooling in Hawera.

The first phase of the engagement will involve face-to-face public workshops, to gather and explore ideas about future education provision. They will be facilitated by Dr Gabrielle Wall and are scheduled as follows:

Whānau and Community members

  • Tuesday March 3rd, 5.30 – 6.30pm, Hawera Community Centre
  • Tuesday March 3rd, 7 – 8pm, Hawera Community Centre
  • Wednesday March 4th, 7 – 8pm, Hawera Community Centre
  • Thursday March 5th, 7 – 8pm, Robert Gibson Hall (Manaia)

These sessions are all open to the public - parents and interested community members are welcome. Similar content will be covered in all sessions, so feel free to attend whichever time best suits your schedule.

Staff (Early Childhood and Schools)

  • Monday March 2nd, 3.30 – 4.30pm, Hawera Community Centre
  • Monday March 2nd, 7 – 8pm, Hawera Community Centre

Focus groups are also being held with students to gather their input during this phase. The ideas and themes generated through this first phase of engagement will then be used to construct an online survey that will make it possible to identify which options and ideas have a wider base of support. The online survey will be open later in Term 1.

Congratulations School Councillors 2020

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Back Row: Anna Li, Cassidy Ratahi-Smith, Michelle Woods, Emma Finer, Elliot Wills, Charlie Ainsworth, Kobe Brogden-Willis

Middle Row: Ayla Bond, Teri Oxenham, Georgia MacRae, Lawrence Chen, Anastajza Kowal, Taene Nelley, Cody McPhail

Front Row: Aisha Punsalan Ethan Hagley, Theo Neyens, Julia Scott, Zion Katene

Absent: Shakaia Tantrum, Korbyn Terrill and Adib Ridzuan


Aim High! Get Involved!

PAR stands for Personal Achievement Record. This offers students an opportunity to get fully involved over their two years at Intermediate earning badges to sew onto their uniform to wear their achievements with pride.

There are four areas where students can earn points: Sport, Community, Academic and Cultural. For every event in which a student takes part, they may claim the allocated points and once they have earned enough, they may apply for a badge. With enough badges earned, a student may apply to get onto the School Honours Board at the end of their time in Year 8. Please note the necessary points to earn badges.


* To achieve Honours, students must:

* Have a minimum of three Excellence awards and 1 Merit

* Submit a completed PAR card to the Assistant Principal for verification and signing.

* Lodge an application with the Senior LeadershipTeam for

* Honours to be presented at Prize Giving. This is at the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team.

* Have correct uniform and shown exemplary behaviour 100% of the time.

Our Pathway to Success

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Help us Celebrate

If you have children or know of any HIS students who are achieving in a sporting, cultural, academic or community area please let us know so we can celebrate their success in upcoming newsletters and our Facebook page.

Keeping it Simple

Digital platforms, websites and apps all compete for our precious screen time. To simplify everyone's busy lives, we have decided to end our Skool Loop association along with Seesaw and focus on our digital newsletter. This will be delivered via the school website, facebook and email to those who contact the office to have it emailed.
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This Ministry of Education developed programme provides guidance to schools with managing behaviour. Our basic philosophy is that the more great choices students make, the more time teachers have to teach, therefore the better the learning outcomes for our students. We had been involved in PB4L for six years although in 2019 it was not in place until Term 4.

Our new pathway based on the 105 year old kauri tree outside Room 11 is firmly established within our classrooms and being used across our school consistently and effectively. Students' leaves go down the trunk as a behaviour pathway in classrooms. There are various rewards for making great choices including Classroom, Teacher, Whanau Leader, Deputy Principal and Principal Awards, Star of the Day – selected by both teachers and Student Councillors, Caught Being Good tickets which go into a draw and positive postcards sent weekly by teachers. A new addition this week is the green leaf held by our students and clicked by staff like your coffee card. There are rewards attached to it also.

Our PB4L Leaders are Dawn Mendes and Trisha Careswell, if you have any queries about PB4L please get in touch. We are merging our PB4L process with the Relationship Based Learning development we are involved in with Laurayne Tafa. This will accelerate student learning even more.


Over the years, maintaining a pastoral focus (being focussed on wellbeing – of students and staff) has significantly impacted on our management of incidents, leading to improved learning outcomes. In 2013 we joined PB4LSW, and continue to work on our implementation of this. It has been an interesting journey and as we pulled all the pieces together we note significant reductions in behaviour incidents along with substantial academic progress made.

As adolescents, our students need to take increasing responsibility for their own choices and learn to manage their learning and behaviour independently, in order to have success both in the secondary system and as citizens of society. Identifying and making the right choices is paramount to success.

Our School Expectations

  • Our students and staff are expected to respect

themselves, respect others and respect the community.

  • There are daily lessons based around our expectations

supported by videos and quotes to reinforce learning and teaching.


  • To maintain consistent behaviour management practices across our entire school all year.

  • To maximise learning time to ensure our students make the most of all learning opportunities.

  • To develop respectful, responsible citizens of our community

What PB4L Means to Me

"PB4L is an important work tool we use at school. It helps us learn and think hard about life. It's a system that people use at schools around the world. It gives us skills to help us get a job and have a successful life." - Harmony Ashby - Room 5
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We are aiming for 95% attendance in our school, as research clearly shows student learning reduces if they do not attend. We also know that Term One is usually the highest attendance and attendance can often decline from there. We need your help to reach this goal. When you explain your child's absence e.g. family holiday or at an event, it will be recorded with a Ministry of Education code onto our system. It could be J for justified as described below, T for truant if we receive no explanation, O for overseas, M for medical, or E for explained which means you have explained the reason however it does not fit MOE criteria.

The Ministry of Education only accepts the following as justified absence reasons:

*Cultural or sporting representation

(Regional or National)

* Bereavement

* Force majeure - road closure, flooding, bus breakdown, car accident or fire

* Exceptional family circumstances (many of these can be very sensitive and involve other agencies - domestic violence, protection order, family separation etc. (please ring the office and speak to a senior leader)

* Illness/or Hospitalisation - medical certificate required after three days.

* Appointments other than medical or dental

* Exam leave (ballet/music exam etc.)

* Bullying or other issues around attending – while awaiting follow up.

At the end of each term we send out letters to parents of students who have 6% or more absence. You can see on the letters what codes were used for the explanations.

If there are incorrect codes on your letter please let us know and we can fix them. It is a way of ensuring parents are aware. We all know the days can add up over time and it can easily be more than you think. We appreciate your help by texting, phoning or sending a note to the class teacher or the office to explain your child's absence.

Students who have attended every day will receive a 100% Attendance Certificate and a point on their Academic Pathway, as attendance is a key factor in academic progress. We understand and appreciate it when you keep your child home if they are unwell or particularly tired, we just ask that you let the office know. Please be aware we do take illness into consideration for 100% purposes.

Class teachers are also aware of each individual's attendance percentage and will try to motivate students to attend.

Another area where we would particularly ask that you help is consistent lateness. Occasionally things may happen at home, which result in a child being late to school, but some students (many who walk to school) are late every day. Letters to inform families of this lateness are sent home each term to remind families of this matter. Often when students are late, they end up missing out on important instructions, which puts them at a disadvantage for the rest of the day. We would appreciate your help getting your children to school on time.

When attendance is irregular, you will hear from the class teacher initially, to see if we can help work out what the barriers are to improving this. If there is no improvement from that discussion you will meet with school leaders and if we cannot resolve the situation the student will be referred to Attendance Services who will follow up through the Rock On process. Our goal is to work together to have good attendance and great learning progress on our pathways to success!

If you have any attendance concerns, queries or need support in any way please contact Trisha via the office.


During our long, hot summer where the potential for sunburn is so high, all of our students need to have a wide brimmed or bucket sunhat to use when outside the classroom. Blue, black or green is suitable as long as there are no offensive logos or words

visible. Caps are not suitable as they offer limited sun protection. Sunscreen is available in all rooms and students are encouraged to apply this often.

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Rm 1 Marnelle Evans and Daniel Mandengu

Rm 2 Huia Pahi, Shai-Ann Kahui, and Koha Tamou

Rm 5 Shai Griggs-Potts and Riley Webster

Rm 6 Brooklyn Murfitt-Ingram

Rm 7 Annja Peterson and Luca Katene

Rm 8 Adib Ridzuam and Brody Midgley

Rm 9 Lawrence Chen and Sarni Ylitalo-Van Der Merwe

Rm 10 Jeulius-Jade Awhitu and Chevelle Locker

Rm 11 Ava King, Cherran Tepatu-Campbell and Kizahn Archibald-Clement

Rm 12 Elizabeth Cudby and David Mandengu


Whanau Swimming is on Friday 6th March, Swimming Sports for selected competitive events are on Thursday 12th March. From this event a team will be selected to complete in the interschool swimming sports in New Plymouth on Thursday 19th March. More information will come out closer to the event.


We have now completed our summer sport trials where all students have had the opportunity to trial for two different summer sports. Teams will now be selected from these trials to represent Hawera Intermediate at the Summer Sport Exchange on Tuesday 7th April against other North Taranaki Intermediate Schools, and will have practices most Fridays between 11:40am -12:40pm. Those students who are not selected will be involved in elective activities during this time.

Netball Trials


The netball season is fast approaching and it’s that time of year again where we need to start organising trials, uniforms, gear bags, selecting teams and asking for potential coaches to make themselves known.


Trials this year will be as follows:

Year 7 players: Tuesday 3rd March 3:30-5pm HIS Netball Courts

Year 8 players: Wednesday 4th March 3:30-5pm HIS Netball Courts


This year we are having three independent selectors, they are Brenda Pitton, Tracey Hardy and Jenny Brewer (all top coaches). We ask that parents and whanau please respect our selection process. If you think a genuine error has been made then please contact Liz Stewart after the trials. We traditionally have around 8 teams and will look at having no more than this. This is a closed trial so we respectfully ask that whanau do not attend.

If your child is interested in playing Saturday netball please ensure they have got a netball notice and attend the trials on these dates.


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Mau Rakau

An opportunity has arisen to hold a wananga and grading at Pariroa Pa beginning May to October 2020.

Kaiaki/Tutor: Te Moana Raungaiti Kershaw

Participants: 12yrs boys - adult men, students and parents/caregivers

A hui will be held at Pariroa Pa, Wilson Road, Kakaramea

22 February


Facilitator: Te Moana Raungaiti Kershaw

1. Discuss Strategic Plan

2. Meet whanau

3. Enrol participants

4. Explain proposal

All welcome, Nau Māi Haere Māi

Waimarie Cassidy

06 273 8186

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Friday Night Girls Only Rugby

Registrations are open for Friday Night Girl’s Rugby

This is to be played on a Friday night with Under 9’s playing Ripper and Under 13’s playing tackle.
The Under 9’s are for those girls 9 at the beginning of the year down to 6 years old at beginning of the year.
The Under 13’s are for those girls 13 at beginning of year, and any U13 can play in the Ripper division if they prefer.

The Taranaki Rugby Union hosts the events with other Clubs around the Taranaki Provence.

All levels of ability, this is for all girls interested in playing for fun and to learn new skills.
This is a separate competition for girls only; it’ll be fun, safe and cater for all levels of fitness and played on Friday evenings so they can still play other Saturday sports.
Bring a friend along!

All training and coaching provided

To register please go to sporty.co.nz/13 and fill in 2020 Registration Form


At Southern Lounge,
TSB Hub, Hawera

COMPULSORY Every Player needs to come along to weigh in.

Tuesday 3rdMarch 3.30-5.30pm

Thursday 5thMarch 5-7pm

Sunday 8thMarch 10am-12pm

Merchandise will be available for purchase.

Any inquiries phone or email:
Paul Johnston: 0275777208

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Southern Rugby Club Junior Committee would like to invite all 2020 players to register for the upcoming season.

Players from last year should have received and email with the link to re-register for the 2020 season. If you have not received this email or you are new to our club for 2020 please go to www.sporty.co.nz/13and register using the online form.

All 2020 Registrations must be done using the electronic form online. Once you have registered online, all you then need to do is attend one of the Pay & Weigh Days.

We hope everybody has a fun and enjoyable season and we look forward to seeing you out there.


At Southern Lounge,
TSB Hub, Hawera

COMPULSORY Every Player needs to come along to weigh in.

Tuesday 3rdMarch 3.30-5.30pm

Thursday 5thMarch 5-7pm

Sunday 8thMarch 10am-12pm

Merchandise will be available for purchase.

Any inquiries phone or email:
Paul Johnston: 0275777208