Rosa Parks Elementary

Digital Learning in the Classroom 2015 - 2016

Happy New Year, Rosa Parks!

I’m looking forward to working with this year as your Digital Learning Specialist. There are so many learning opportunities it will be hard to squeeze them all in. I’ve learned a lot this past summer and hope to be on your campus more this year to share. Since I am a former librarian, my first love still is working with students doing research projects. My hope is that in between teacher trainings and iPad app activities with classes, I can help students with exploring the databases for assignments.

Teacher Trainings

Some faculty trainings that might prove helpful include:


· Edmodo

· Smart Notebook

· School Wires (campus website…later in the year)

· Microsoft 365

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning could be your new best friend! Use this resource to view hundreds of "how To" videos on topics as:


  • Using Smart Boards
  • iPad tips


  • Microsoft 365
  • Google docs
  • Infographics

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Distance Learning Lessons

What a great way to visit other classrooms and events right in the comfort of your own building! Take virtual field trips using your campus distance learning equipment. We can collaborate together by contacting me or creating a CRM case.


Student lessons can integrate various apps on the iPADs focusing on inferring, summarizing, making connections, analyzing, and sequencing, to name a few, such as

  • Comic Heads (to create historical cartoons, a STARR objective)
  • Timeline
  • iMovie
  • Chatterpix
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Other Resources

This is only the beginning! Please call me so we can explore other resources that the District provides for our students, parents and YOU!

Apps and Web 2.0 Tools

The links below provide the FBISD approved app list and Web 2.0 tools:

Teacher Laptop Link

Should you have questions about your laptop, visit the FAQ for Teacher laptops:

Webinar Wednesdays

Need a little more information about certain topics? Visit a Wednesday Webinar in the comfort of your own classroom with a live tutor, to find out more on such topics as:

  • Atomic Learning
  • Edmodo
  • Twitter
  • Skyward
  • Youtube

How to Request DLS Help

To request DLS help with integrating technology into lessons, click on the Atomic Learning "how to" link below. The video will demonstrate how to create a PeopleSoft case: