Enter The World of Organelles by , Lizmarie Navarro

Plasma or Cell membrane

A flexible "container" made of smaller molecules. Contains the cell and keeps its other organelle inside. Present in both animals and plants.
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Cell wall

A protected framework around the plant cell made of cellulose. It protects plant cells, help it keep its shape. Only present in plant.


Looks like a nucleus in the nucleus , black dot in chromatin. Doesn't contain much RNA but has RNA and Protein. Present in both animal and plants.


Small set of microtubules that helps cell to dive. Only found in animals.
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DNA and RNA around the nucleus in the nucleus. Contains most nucleic acids in the nucleus. Found in both animals and plants.
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Two subunits that are connecting. Its a protein builder/ synthesizers and is found in animals and plants.
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A big bubble that stores food and nutrients and sometimes even waste. Found in both animals and plants.
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Networks of fiber made of proteins it gives the cell shape. Found in plants and animals.
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