Getting There

Go from denver to hawaii volcano natoinal parks you get to see volcanoes and all kinds of things. second you get to have lots of fun and get to see the hawaiin people in the national park.

Where to Stay

the place to stay is a volcanoe hut near the national volcanoe parks.second the reason why you should stay at the hut is because you are very close to the vocanoes.third reason why you should stay at the hut is because its very warm because of the thermal heat.


the activities is getting to see the mini volcanoes erupt and seeing very many amazing things


some problems are that it cost a lot of money to get to the hawaii national volcanoe parks and get to see the mini volcanoes erupt


in coclusion you should see the mini volcanoes and the money you spent is very worth it.

About the Traveler

a few things about the travler is that the travler had alot of fun on this trip.

history and culture

the history is that the mini volcanoes are were made a long time ago and that the volcanoes are fun and amazing to see.the culture of the hawaiian people are thatv they have worshipped and watched the volcanoes for years and more thing about the histoy is that th hawaiin islands is that they actually started out as one island and they grew bigger and bigger into more diffrent islands.
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