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January 2021!

Goodbye 2020

I hope that 2021 has everyone off to a good start! I know that many, if not all of us, are ready to put 2020 and all that it brought with it away! Although we are still tackling residual obstacles, I am hopeful that 2021 brings blessings and positive moments for everyone.

I do want to take a brief moment and thank you for your partnership in making the most that we can this school year. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have ever said that we would be tackling something like this, but here we are. It's not what anyone wants for our kids, but we are working within all of the restraints to meet the needs of as many as we can. I realize that many families have varying opinions about what should be done, but I do appreciate the support that you have shown our classroom teachers. I am grateful to be a part of this community.

That being said, I cannot wait for that day in which we can welcome back all of our kids with big hugs and no worries! I know that time is on the horizon.

2nd semester information and changes

As we enter the 2nd semester on January 19th, we will also begin our Hybrid schedule with our students again. Students have been assigned either an A schedule (M & T) or a B schedule (Th & F). All students will be remote on Wednesdays.

We have had many families choose to move from virtual to hybrid this 2nd semester, but with some slight changes we've been able to maintain classrooms for both in person and virtual students. We have also maintained our student cap in each classroom for hybrid to allow for required social distancing. However, we have definitely met that cap in several grade levels with little to no wiggle room.

This 2nd semester is a "weird" transitional time because some students will be starting a new schedule with perhaps a new teacher. To try to make this transition a little more welcoming I have asked each teacher to reach out to new students and their families. You should expect to hear from your child's new teacher by next Wednesday or Thursday. They will be introducing themselves and sharing classroom expectations and information with you.

They will also be inviting you to their bloomz page so that you get the most up to date information for their classrooms. I encourage you to join as soon as you can so that you are not missing anything important. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher or anyone on the administrative team. We are more than happy to help you in anyway we can.

Email addresses (follow the pattern of

School office number: 859-384-5325

New Haven Administration:

Mary Goble- Principal
Sandy Collette- Asst. Principal
Chris Deel- Asst. Principal

Keli Mason- Counselor

Caitlin Trella- Counselor

Student Work-

It is imperative that students are not only completing but also submitting their assigned work to their teachers. There is no way to monitor and assess student mastery unless students are taking ownership for their work. Unfortunately, we have students who are in jeopardy of retention because of the lack of participation and involvement in their learning. We understand many of the obstacles and working situations, and have tried to accommodate as much as we can. However, students cannot move on to the next grade level without demonstrating a level of mastery of standards. Typically, classroom teachers are able to manage this themselves because of the access to students 5 days a week; however, given the limited access we have this year we need the partnership of parents to ensure that students are not only completing their work, but are handing it in as well. Please know that students can "submit" their work on-line and the work can be blank. If you have any questions about student work completion and participation you can reach out to your child's teacher. We appreciate your support with this. We want every child to not only make progress but succeed, but they must take ownership of their own learning too.

SBDM Parent representation

As I continue to look for silver linings of 2020, I'm excited to share that both of our SBDM parent rep positions have been filled! We are welcoming Krista Brassine and Stacey Cole to our SBDM council. We were fortunate enough that both candidates not only have great experience and perspective to share with us, but also met the criteria for both open positions. I want to congratulate both of them, as well as, thank them for not only supporting our school through these positions but also for giving their time and talents to us. We are excited to welcome them both.

The members of our School Based Decision Making Council are:

Mary Goble- Principal (Chair)
Cindy Haren- Parent Rep

Krista Brassine- Parent Rep

Stacey Cole- Minority Parent Rep

Genie Langhals- Minority Teacher Rep

Carol Basinger- Teacher Rep

Heather Dern- Teacher Rep

Amanda Danner- Teacher Rep

Covid reporting

As we prepare to come back to school in the hybrid model, we've been asked to remind parents that any cases or suspected cases of Covid need to be reported to the school nurse, Lori Loschiavo or health clerk, Nora Turner. This is for the health and safety of everyone as well as making sure that we can maintain our hybrid model and hopefully reach full days of in person instruction. You can reach them at 859-384-5325

Report Cards

The 2nd quarter officially ends on January 15th. Report cards will be posting the following week. Parents who have access to parent portal will have immediate access to your child's grades/ report cards.

Student assessments

We will be giving a couple different assessments in both reading and math to students to assess mastery of standards. These assessments will be given between January and February. We will be using these assessments to compare progress from data collected in August/ September. This data is used to adjust academic planning for students and differentiate instruction for all students. If your child is taking any assessments at home, we ask that you do not give any instruction or support during this time. We need to make sure that we have an accurate picture of what students can do independently so that we can plan according to support their growing needs, whether that be advancement or intervention.

Student Food Bags

The district is making an adjustment to the food distribution and are offering both 5 and 7 day food bags for families. Because there is an increase to the amount of food being sent home we will NOT be sending them home with students on buses. We were finding that many students were struggling to carry the 3 day food bags. Food bags that are requested will be able to be picked up in our bus loop on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. If there are any families that are unable to make it during those times, we would be more than willing to make arrangements with you for another time. Please call the office or speak with Kelsee Aker, our FRC coordinator, to set up arrangements. (FRC- 859-384-5385)

The process of requesting the food bags has remained the same. You can find the order form on the Boone County Schools webpage or click the link below. If you have any questions regarding the meals you can speak with our cafe manager Kay Rodgerson.

Meal Order form

2021-2022 Kindergarten registration

We have had a couple of calls regarding Kindergarten registration for next school year.

I will be sending out more information regarding this next month. Given the current restrictions we have to rethink how we typically do everything. This year in particular, we will have to arrange registration for both New Haven AND Steeplechase for next year.

Keeping up with the Calendar Chaos


4th- School is back in session. (Remote continues)

18th - MLK Jr. Day- No school
19th- Hybrid Model begins (A schedule students return to school)
20th- PTA general meeting 7:00 pm
21st- Hybrid Model for B students begin

28th- SBDM

2nd- 12th- Reading / Math assessments (district wide) - each classroom will set testing days
11th- BOE meeting at Ralph Rush Development center 7:30 pm
15th- President's Day (No School)
25th- SBDM

11th- BOE meeting 7:30 pm
14th- Daylight savings (spring forward)
19th- Teacher In-service day (NO School)
25th- SBDM

8th- BOE meeting 7:30 pm
12th- 16th - SPRING BREAK

19th- 23rd- REMOTE LEARNING week
22nd- SBDM

13th- BOE meeting
3rd- 14th- Possible STATE TESTING WINDOW for 3rd- 5th grades
27th- Last day of the 2020-2021 school year

Big picture

Remote Learning Parent Resources