What's Going On In 2C??

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Our Learning Journey

It is a time of excitement and melancholy as the end of school nears. The students of 2C are fun, intelligent, athletic, enthusiastic, hilarious, and just a joy to be around. I look forward to seeing their smiling faces every morning. The play is next Thursday which means practice and writing will dominate our learning this week. Students will complete the final draft of their Who Am I? essays and practice their lines and songs. Many thanks to Mrs. Kim Tate who so flawlessly blended our research project into a entertaining performance. Students have this week to work on their presentation board. If they are done with it, I suggest they practice what they are going to say in the living museum because talking as their person can be tricky. We have been practicing in class and they have some great responses in character. I have learned so much about everyone's person. In math, we'll be working hard on multiplication this week. No memorization of facts are necessary right now. To kick it up a notch for those who have a solid grasp of multiplication, we'll do multiple digit problems. With the year ending, I know we'll throw in an exciting experiment or two!

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Important Dates

Thursday, May 16 Standardized Testing (Computer Lab)

Thursday, May 23 Grandparents' Day Program

Tuesday, May 28 Vendors' Market (with entire grade)

Monday, May 27 Memorial Day No School (graduation that evening)

Monday, May 27-Friday, May 31- Break the Uniform

Thursday, May 30 Noon Dismissal No Aftercare

Friday, May 31 Noon Dismissal No Aftercare