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LoL eSports

League of Legends eSports App!

LoL eSports

League of Legends eSports App!

About LoL eSports App

Finally, it's here! League of Legends eSports App for iOS devices!

LoL eSports App keeps you updated on all there is to know about the League of Legends Championship Series.

Watch VODs or live matches, check out individual match statistics, read gameplay analysis, and do much more--all at the convenience of your iOS mobile phone.

We know how important LCS matches are for you, so our team is dedicated in bringing completed match information at Homeguard speed! Game just ended?

Refresh! The details are ready.

Please send us any suggestions you may have! We want to make this app as best as we can, and we can't do it without your feedback!

Due to the high amount of traffic so far, if anyone is willing to chip in a couple bucks to help keep our cost down, that'd be much appreciated! Here's the paypal link: http://bit.ly/1eHN6v5


  • Accurate and detailed match information (Player KDA, Gold, length, etc) for every completed match in S3 Summer Season (EU & NA)
  • Watch live matches or VODs in your phone
  • Notification feature, countdown timers, and automatic local time conversion so you'll never miss a game
  • LCS team information at your fingertips
  • Constantly up-to-date media and news aggregation
  • Intuitive design to give you the best experience possible
  • Yes, we'll keep you updated with playoff games for the Championship! (S3 Championship support soon™)

In Development

  • Real time updates of LIVE games. Stuck at work and can't watch the stream? We'll have constantly updated scoreboards so you can still keep up while the game is going on!
  • Detailed statistics of teams and players. Who has the highest KDA in EU LCS? Who consistently farms the most?
  • Follow your favorite team. We'll also tailor the app to give you their unique feel!
  • Know which games are MUST WATCH with the Match Rating System
  • Import data from previous seasons

Got questions or feedback?

Contact us at lolesports@gmail.com!