Weekly Update for the week of November 29th, 2021

ELA: Mr. Gasparovic and Mrs. Wells

In ELA this week, students continued to work on their memoirs, putting the finishing touches on such as incorporating introductions and conclusions into their writing. Next up, students will focus on Historical Fiction during our next unit - a focus on reading. Students will choose from a variety of novels to engage with as they enhance their understanding of literary themes and elements.

Science: Ms. Garwood and Mr. Geringer

This week in science students began learning about Kinetic Molecular Theory and how the temperature of atoms in every substance relates to the speed that the particles are moving.

Students will have their 2nd chemistry summative covering Endothermic and Exothermic reactions and KMT next Thursday.

Social Studies: Mr. Gasparovic and Dr. Rachal

In Social Studies this week, students further extended their voyage into the Ancient World. Students examined the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, covering a wide variety of topics ranging from geography to culture. In addition, students took vocabulary quizzes over the terms aligned with this unit.

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