Purple Team Weekly Update

Week of 5/17-5/21

A Note from the Team

Contact: Phone numbers for Purple Team are listed below. Reaching out by phone only allows you to leave a voicemail that will be returned later.

Gasparovic: 918-4556 gasparovic.dane@wgmail.org

Geringer: 918-4603 geringer.matt@wgmail.org

Hayes: 918-4575 hayes.eric@wgmail.org

Pangelinan 963-6450 Ext 14802 pangelinan.maria@wgmail.org

Ward: 918-4588 ward.wardell@wgmail.org

Wells: 918-4570 wells.sheri@wgmail.org

Math teachers: https://www.webster.k12.mo.us/domain/1353.

Zoom sessions are held daily following the class schedule posted for online learning.

-Dane, Eric, Maria, Matt, Sheri and Wardell

Upcoming Due Dates

See the Canvas class summary, TO DO list or calendar for due dates and missing assignments.

Canvas Calendar Links for each Teacher:

Gasparovic: ELA Social Studies

Geringer: Science 3rd Hour 4th Hour

Hayes: Science Science

Ward: Social Studies

Wells: ELA

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mr. Gasparovic & Mrs. Wells

In English this week, students continued their journey towards understanding the mechanics and use of language. As information projects wrapped up and novels were completed, students turned their attention towards completing the circle of ELA and used their knowledge of the Six Signposts (some of their first lessons of the school year) and created the outlines of a future novel. Let the creativity begin!

Science- Mr. Geringer & Mr. Hayes

In science this week students had their last summative of the year over waves. The summative focused on types of energy transferred by waves.

Social Studies- Mr. Gasparovic & Mr. Ward

This week in Social Studies, students completed their final summative assessment covering Personal Economics on Tuesday. Please check SIS for any missing assignments. Students should complete all missing assignments and email Mr. Ward at (ward.wardell@wgcloud.org).

Contact Us

Mr. Gasparovic: gasparovic.dane@wgmail.org 314-918-4656

Mr. Geringer: geringer.matt@wgmail.org 314-918-4573

Mr. Hayes: hayes.eric@wgmail.org 314-918-4575

Mr. Ward: ward.wardell@wgmail.org 314-918-4588

Mrs. Wells: wells.sheri@wgmail.org 314-918-4570