Purple Team Weekly Update

Week of 2/22-2/26

A Note from the Team

Contact: Phone numbers for Purple Team are listed below. Reaching out by phone only allows you to leave a voicemail that will be returned later.

Gasparovic: 918-4556 gasparovic.dane@wgmail.org

Geringer: 918-4603 geringer.matt@wgmail.org

Hayes: 918-4575 hayes.eric@wgmail.org

Pangelinan 963-6450 Ext 14802 pangelinan.maria@wgmail.org

Ward: 918-4588 ward.wardell@wgmail.org

Wells: 918-4570 wells.sheri@wgmail.org

Math teachers: https://www.webster.k12.mo.us/domain/1353.

Zoom sessions are held daily following the class schedule posted for online learning.

-Dane, Eric, Maria, Matt, Sheri and Wardell

Upcoming Due Dates

See the Canvas class summary, TO DO list or calendar for due dates and missing assignments.

Canvas Calendar Links for each Teacher:

Gasparovic: ELA Social Studies

Geringer: Science 3rd Hour 4th Hour

Hayes: Science Science

Ward: Social Studies

Wells: ELA

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mr. Gasparovic & Mrs. Wells

This week in English, students continued with their Historical Fiction book clubs. Students engaged in conversation with their group members about their books and covered mini-lessons, such as how characters respond to trouble, as enrichment for the reading process.

Science- Mr. Geringer & Mr. Hayes

In science this week students investigated Newton’s Laws of motion in more detail. They timed the motion of cars, while changing the masses on both the car as well as the motor to calculate speed, momentum and make predictions based on the data that was collected. Other students spent time working with pendulums and checking to see how Newton’s 1st Law applied to the motion.

Social Studies- Mr. Gasparovic & Mr. Ward

This week in social studies, students engaged in an activity where they had to decide if Eli Whitney, the inventor of the Cotton Gin was a hero or a villain using evidence. After discussing all the evidence as a class students answered questions and then made their decisions. Students then read and answered questions covering the time period after the U.S. Civil War (1865-1877) known as Reconstruction. On Friday, students took their final quiz covering our Civil War, Civil Rights, and Historical Skills vocabulary.

Contact Us

Mr. Gasparovic: gasparovic.dane@wgmail.org 314-918-4656

Mr. Geringer: geringer.matt@wgmail.org 314-918-4573

Mr. Hayes: hayes.eric@wgmail.org 314-918-4575

Mr. Ward: ward.wardell@wgmail.org 314-918-4588

Mrs. Wells: wells.sheri@wgmail.org 314-918-4570