By: Bob Staake

A lonely boy.

A new friend.

A friendship tested.


The story begins in the boy's classroom, but most of the story takes place on the boy's walk home from school. It ends in the park where the boy buys the bluebird a boat to sail in and where the bullies try to steal the sailboat.


  • Lonely, young boy
  • Classmates
  • Bluebird
  • Bullies
  • Other birds


A young boy who doesn't have any friends and is picked on at school feels very lonely. One day, a beautiful bluebird comes and starts following the boy as he walks home from school. The boy and bird become friends. They play hide and seek, share a cookie, and go through the park.

At the edge of the park, some bullies try and steal the boy's sailboat. Things go from bad to worse and the boy and bluebird's lives are forever changed.

Theme: loneliness, bullying & friendship

My review

I love this wordless picture book. The pictures are very visually entertaining and the story line is thoughtful and special. The twist at the end of the book was very surprising and I think readers of all ages would enjoy this book.
Lesley Mosher

1st Period

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