Gina's Essential Oily News

October 2016

Welcome Fall!!

Fall is here! With that comes the cooler weather and illnesses! I fight the sickies with my Immunity Blend that I use on myself and my daughter nightly. Thieves and Oregano are amazing immunity boosters that really fight the germs. Thieves is also one of my favorites to diffuse to kill germs in the air and to keep us healthy.



Happy Fall Everyone! If you have not joined our Facebook page Essentially Yours, please let me know if you'd like to be added. We share educational resources, classes, ideas, testimonials and have fun discussing everything oil related! I love Fall and I'm excited to see many of you at upcoming make-and-take classes.

If you have a couple of interested friends, fall is a great time to host an oils 101 or make-and-take! Everyone is looking for ways to fight off illness this time of year. They can learn all about Young Living, and if ready to get started...fantastic! But, if they are not, that is ok! They can think about it, ask questions, and when (or if, but come know it will be when) they are ready, I will be here to provide them with support and excellent customer service. Sharing and educating about the oils is a passion of mine and why I love this work!


I am a single Mom to a beautiful, outgoing and funny 7 1/2yr old. I'm also a Dental Hygienist of 22yrs and I absolutely love my career! I started using Young Living essential oils in the spring of 2015. I am so passionate about them and I love to share my story and how they've worked for me and my family. It feels so good to have a natural, healthy alternative to medicine and the peace of mind that what we use is safe, is priceless. I am happy to help you in anyway I can to find what works best for you!!



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