An Adventure Around the World

Learn About Cultures Across the Globe

Let's Get Started

Hey kids! Over the next week, you will choose a culture around the world and research it to develop an understanding and appreciation for that culture.

Before we start our adventure, let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Our team is made up of 4 people: Tali, Crystal, Candace, and Smyth. Here's a little bit about each one of them.

Tali is a senior at The University of Georgia majoring in geography. Her favorite place that she has traveled to is New Zealand. She loved getting to know a different culture on the opposite side of the world. Next on her travel list, she wants to go Thailand.

Crystal is a senior at The University of Georgia and is an international affairs major. She is originally from China and her favorite travel spot is Malaysia. She enjoyed the beaches and the locals in Malaysia. The next travel spot she hopes to check out is Switzerland.


Smyth is a senior at The University of Georgia and is majoring in Psychology. She lived in Europe for 6 weeks this past summer and loved it. She said that she really enjoyed getting to know the people there and growing accustom to the differences in the cultures. She hopes to travel to either Australia or New Zealand on her next trip.

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First things first.

Check out this cool video that shows multiple places around the world!

Explore Cultures Around the World

This unit we will be exploring the differences between cultures around the world. Your assignment is to choose one culture that you are interested in and create your own page to add to our class website! Think about this question: What are the similarities and differences between your culture and the one you chose?

How to Organize Your Project

Check out this link to help get your ideas flowing! Fill out this KWL chart throughout your project to help keep you on track.

Explore – Guiding the Research

  • National Geographic

    • National Geographic is the official magazine of the National Geographic Society. Their official website captures some of the most stunning images of animals, nature, and culture.

  • World Cultures

    • You can explore countries and their cultures in one website!

Show What You Know!

Now it's your turn to create a page about a culture. Here's how:

Step 1: Create your own Smore account and start a new page

Step 2: Choose a culture that really interests you and that you want to know more about

Step 3: Research the culture online and pick out some cool facts

Step 4: Make your smore page

Your page should include the following categories related to the culture you chose:

food, geography, society, religion, population demographics, popular

attractions/activities done by locals, tourist attractions that would be interesting,

and anything else

Step 5: Include a video and/or a link that further describes your culture

Step 6: Save your Smore page and relish in all of your handwork

Step 7: Send us the link to your Smore page and we'll add it to our page :)

*Included in all steps: have fun, learn something new, and appreciate the different cultures across the globe (including your own)

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