Drexel University

the home of the dragons

Lets try the arts!

Drexel university is home to one of the best art programs in PA! The program has more than 20 different art majors available to choose from. Ranging from the fine arts and dancing, to directing and animations, the program has a variety of different studies to follow. Not only is their art program great, they also have an excellent law school as well! Drexel is well rounded in all other aspects of learning too and is a more than capable college for many subjects.

Location, location, location!

Drexel university is located in the heart of Philidelphia! Philidelphia is home to many historical sights and modern sights. The independence hall is the most famous historical attraction in Phili and the most famous modern sight is the Philidelphia Zoo. There are obvioulsy many more sight around Philidelphia as well as cool activities and buildings! There is also the longwood gardens which is home to various flowers and plant life. Another area is the Philidelphia Museum of Art that has over 200 pieces in the museum. A famous movie was shot all around Phili called "Rocky". There is even a giant statue of Rocky next to the steps that he climbed in the movie!

Martial arts is a program?

At Drexel University, there are several types of programs for martial arts available on campus. These programs actually count as a class in the school AND you can do it outside of classes as well! From Tae Kwon Do to Jung Sim Do, there are various options to try if interested. The style of Tae Kwon Do available at Drexel is called Chungdokwan. Jung Sim Do is a mixture of Karate, Hapkido, and Tae Kwon Do. There is also Karate available under the Korean styles and shotokan. Also, there is a Mixed Martial Arts club on campus as well. Very few colleges offer actual classes in martial arts and this is what makes Drexel so unique!


What are the requirements to get into this school? An application is required

What activities and programs are offered at this school? there are several sports, arts, science, business, and mechanical programs and activities available

Why are you considering this college? Because of their martial arts and art programs

Where is this school located? What is the school motto? Philadelphia and Go Dragons!

What components make up the school? Is there a graduate program? What sort of colleges are inside this university? There is a Graduate program and there is another campus in California but, it is scheduled to close down soon

What is the history of the school? Are there any notable alumni? Drexel was built and established by Anthony J. Drexel. Notable alumni would be Christopher Ferguson and Paul W. Richards.