Child Safety Guide

Keeping children safe


It's important to keep children safe. Whether you're babysitting or you have a child on your own, when a kid's life is in your hands, you need to be extra careful. Children are curious and delicate. They can easily get hurt. Here is a flier on how to keep kids safe.

In the kitchen:

One of the most dangerous places in the house for a baby is the kitchen. With the hot pans, the knives, and the heavy equipment, the place you handle food may be the place your child gets sent to the ER. Here are some ways to childproof your kitchen:

-Install a stove lock so a baby can't turn on the oven.

-Keep sharp tools (Scissors, knives, forks) in a locked drawer that a child can't get into.

-Hide matches/lighters in a drawer out of reach from a child.

Childproof your house

It's not hard!

In the bathroom:

The bathroom can also be a scary place for a toddler. Make sure to childproof your bathroom using these tips:

-Unplug all cords and keep them in an out of reach spot

-Keep medicine and cleaners in a locked cabinet

-Put a lock on your toilet to prevent your child from drowning.

In the bedroom:

Is your and your baby's room safe? If not, here are some ideas of what to do to make sure the bedroom is a good place for your baby.

-Make sure to keep pillows and stuffed animals out of their crib so they don't suffocate.

-Have a working smoke alarm outside the baby's room.

-Lock all windows that the kid could fall out of.

-Secure the crib so it won't fall apart.