By: Cheyanne Nolen


The core of a sotball both, (slowpitch and fastpitch) are made of a polyurethane (a type of leather) then another leather cover is applied and stitched with nylon thread. On a bette quialty softbakk the cover is gules to the core before stitching, but it just depends on the brand of sotball you buy. A fastpitch softball has raised seams and a slowpitch softball has flat seams.


A sofball has a bonded cork center, but here recently the center of the ball was changed to a soild plastic. No wind is required on plactic centers

The softabll coves are stitched togethr on the nall. softballs are stiched in different colors. for instance, red stitches on a softball mean that it is a retricted flight ball (used on fields with limited space)


1. A thin layer of string is woven on the ball

2. The covers are cut and stapled on the ball

Two covers created the surface for the sotball and several staples held the covers on the surface while it was stitched