Choosing My Life Career

A Teacher in the Making

What is a second grade teacher? They are individuals who have a true love and passion for children and strive to help them succeed in everything they do. Working with the early childhood stage, second grade teachers play a vital part in their students' development, setting the standard for their experience of learning, fostering confidence and helping them to grasp basic concepts like reading, simple geography and mathematics.

Pellissippi State Community College

Pelissippi State offers the Two Plus Two program. This is where Pellisiippi and Tennessee Tech pair up together to create a program for teachers. This program makes you a student at Pellissippi for two years, following the Pellissippi guidelines, and then you switch to being a student at Tennessee Tech for your last two years, following the TTU guidelines but all of your classes are still held at Pellissippi.

Interesting details

Once I have gotten the hang of being a second grade teacher, I hope to go back to school and study to be a Special Education Teacher. I have always worked in the CDC classrooms in high school and went on trips to different camps to mentor children with disabilities.

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What type of learning style does it take to be a teacher?

In order to be a teacher, especially for younger aged children, you have to be able and willing to teach all different types of learning. If you are able to teach through each type of learning kids will hopefully be able to adapt to all three types. I am mostly a visual learner, but when it comes to teaching I will need to be able to teach through all types of learning.

True Colors

My true color personality was Gold. Being gold will help me in teaching because it shows that I am very organized and am a hard worker. I am a firm believer that you have to finish all work before anything else so this will help me in making sure kids always get all of their work done.
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