The Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, and Childbirth

Daughter of Zeus and Leto. Twin sister of Apollo.

  • Artemis is represented by a quiver, a bent bow, attended with dogs and a chariot drawn by two white stags.
  • Right after she was born she helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo. This was the beginning of her role as guardian of young children and patron of women in childbirth.
  • She and her brother killed the children of Niobe, a mortal who thought she was better than their mother Leto.

Cared about all animals, but the bear was the most important to her.

Had a very strong desire to be pure.

  • Asked her father for eternal virginity at the age of three.
  • She took terrible measures against anyone who threatened her chastity.
  • Remained a virgin by choice.
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