Efrain Rios Montt

Nathan Reagan


Birth: June 16, 1926

Born: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Years in Power: 1982-1983

Arrested in 2012 for Genocide


Montt joined the army in 1943 and quickly gain power to Chief army of staff. In 1973 he ran for president unsuccessfully, he was exiled to Spain. When 1978 comes, he finds himself attracted to the teachings of the Californian catholic ways. During the years 0f 1978 and 1982, a new president took power allowing Montt to return home. This is when Montt saw his chance to over throw the government and take power. This lasted about two years before he was then overthrown. With Montt in power, the americans took his side also, seeing that it would help the economy of Guatemala. His ways soon proved to be empty and led to the rights of humans to be destroyed. Montt was then put on trial in 2012 for Genocide and placed on house arrest. Following this, he was convicted of Genocide and placed in prison for 80 years.

Montt through History

Background on the effects Montt had on people.

Bringing Rios Montt to Justice - Guatemala

Creative Piece

Brief Speech-

March 5, 1981

Montt has been in power now for almost a year and justice is already being searched for. My brother and sister were both massacred by this evil man, for simply speaking out against him. This can, and will not stand with the people of Guatemala. We must begin the process of overthrowing him before his power gets out of control. Thousands of men and woman have gone missing since he has taken power. The same goes for the amount of murders that he has on his hands. Like i said before; We Must Fight Back, this isn't his country to destroy. Justice must be served. We won't stop until it is.