Ron's Smore

English 12

About Me

HI MRS. PONSETTI!!! my name is Ron Chilson (hiiiii Ron.. oh wrong thing) i do prefer to be called Ron but you can still call me Rob, Joe, Jim, Rachelle, i just don't promise that ill answer to any of those but Ron though. Im trying graduating this year which i guess would mean i'm in 12 grade. My favorite kind of music? hmmmm any :).My ultimate favorite food is chicken wings. they are my favorite because they are composed of every part of the food groups.... i think.ten interesting facts ..go! 1. i LOVE to read in class. 2. im very... lively in class. 3. according to Mrs. Rustle im the class clown (so if i start to get crazy... blame Mrs. Rustle ;) 4.i am an eagle scout and have been working on achieving it since i was seven and got it this year. 5. i've not gotten written up for the past two years and really hope i don't this year. 6. i am usually like 2 minutes late to class in the morning but when i get there i bring the enthusiasm. 7. i'm the ONLY ONE to say the pledge in the morning 8. i'm always super full of energy even when i'm not 9. i'm striving to become a world renown entomologist (im sorry if that BUGS you;)) 10. mmy puns are terrible so please just roll with them. im super exited to have you join our class and im sure we'll both have fun in the last bit of school we have left ;)