by Alesziah

were do they live

Do you know what animal can be in a lot of places ? If you guessed flamingo, your correcct . they can live by the sea or they can live by Mexico , Africa and asia , Venezuela ,sometimes. They can be on islands or south America ,Europe and Caribbea. plus Gala'pagos Argentina, chile some of them live in Bolivia and PERU.

They eat shrip and little stuff from the sea. They stir around to get their meal.When their baby bird's grow up,they eat fish and sails . The baby bird's drink milk from their mother . They eat with their beak.

What do they eat

There feathers are pink on the back of the feathers there black. there white when there white when there little.they have bright pink feathers when there older. a nother part of its body is black. they turn gray when they get older from the white. there nee kind of look's like part of there leg.

what do they look?

They fly so they don't get cot .They fly away when it see's another kind of bird. They will stand sill or it will move a differ way. They will move some were else. They a differt direction when something is in it's way.

How do They proteot themselves

A flamingo as a special diet and that's... milk. They have 19 flexble neck. they can fly fast. when a female looe's it's first egg it lay's another egg. They can on one leg. The baby's start to here it's parent's.

interesting fact's