Salt Water Taffy

By: Matt Diedrich

History of salt water taffy

Who- Joseph Fralinger was the one to start salt water taffy. He made these sweet little bite sized candies into a nationwide treat

What- Salt water taffy is made of sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, water, glycerine, butter, salt, flavoring and food coloring.

When- It started in the 1880s. By 1923 it was famous and got the name "Salt Water Taffy".

Where- It started in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mostly all around the East Coast of the United States. Also around the Salt Lake City.

Why- They call it salt water taffy because it was made around the boardwalks of Atlantic city. But it was made more around than just that but that was the place where it was born.

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Summarizing Salt Water Taffy

Salt water taffy was made in parts of the Atlantic city but the "pioneer" of it was Joseph Fralinger. He started selling in the 1880s for a while but didn't have a name for it. In 1923 it got it's name Salt Water Taffy because it was made around salt water on the boardwalks or around the boardwalks. Then carnivals and fairs started selling it all around the world. But since it started in Atlantic city it was most popular there. It was meant to be made as a treat that is why they are made with all those ingredients like sugar, corn syrup and more.


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