I Wanna be your Shoebox

Christina García


Yuki-13, 8th grade, in orchestra, "poster child"

Saul-96, Yumi's grandpa, from Brooklyn, dying

Quincy-In the orchestra, likes Yumi, green eyes

Véronique-Yumi's best friend

Mom-Yumi's mom, Cuban

Dad- Yumi's dad, makes music


Modern Times

Los Angeles(U.S)- Yumi's mom's home

Venice(U.S)- Yumi's dad's home

Guatemala(Guatemala)-Where Yumi and her mom went on a boat trip

Napo(U.S)-their future home

Past Times

Yokohama(Japan)-Where Saul used to live

Brooklyn(U.S)-Also where Saul used to live


The conflict is that Saul is dying, and Yumi doesn't want him to go.

It is an external conflict


"Cubans don't keep their dead lying around the house"-Mom

"And he danced"-Saul's gravestone

"I ain't no granola eating California hippie"-Saul

Plot Summary

The plot is that Saul is dying. Saul is Yumi's grandpa, and she loves him very much. Yuri wants to know about Saul's life, and he tells her. It's over a long period of time, though. Yuri learns a few lessons out of Saul's life. Soon enough, Saul dies. Another plot that takes place at the same time is that the orchestra will be shut down due to lack of money to support the group. Yumi and her friend Quincy are the runners of the concert that they will preform to raise money for the group. Instead of playing the normal classical music, they decide to take a risk and play rock/punk music. They manage to pull it off and raise over $1,000.
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