Become an Organ Donor Today!

Taylor Elliott

What is an organ donation?

An organ donation is the process of giving ones organs or tissues to another whose organs or tissues have been damaged by disease or injury. Anyone who is medically suitable can be an organ donor. You can not have diseases such as cancer or AIDS. Individuals under 18 can be organ donors as well. However, you must have parental consent if you are under 18.


  • Can I still have an open casket if I donate organs after I die?
Yes! Organ donation does not disfigure the body. An open casket funeral is okay.

  • Will being an organ donor affect the quality of care I receive if I get sick?
No absolutely not! The quality of care one will receive when sick is not determined by if you are an organ donor or not.

  • What organs can be donated?
The heart, liver, pancreas, and intestines can be donated.

  • What tissues can be donated?
The cornea, skin, bone marrow, and connective tissues can be donated.

  • How many lives could be saved if was an organ donor?
8 lives can be saved if one person decided to be an organ donor.

Types of Organ Transplants

There are three types of organ transplants. Autologous, allogenic, and xeonogenic. Autologous transplants is the transplantation of ones own cells such as bone marrow. Allogenic transplants are the transplantation between the same species such as between siblings. Xenogenic transplants are the transplantation between different species such as animals to humans.

Where to Find More Information

Carolina Donor Services is the designated location for organ donation in North Carolina. They have three locations which can all be found on their website. Their main location is listed below.