Job description


What does this job require?

  • Age 21, or 18 if you have 2 years of military service.
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • Degree, and diploma.
  • Basic training academy.

What are the responsibilities of the job?

Some responsibilities include

  • Answer calls
  • Preserve law and order
  • Scene of crime administer first aid
  • Certain jobs
  • Help the community
  • Interview people

Pay ranges for the job?

Do you need to obtain a higher education degree to work in that field?

Unlike in other jobs

There is no standard nation education or requirements to be a officer. Every agency is different and they have different education requirements.

Are there any advantages to having longer on­the­job experiences or higher degrees?

  • Better education grants better chances to be accepted
  • Military service can get you in early
  • Educations can get you different jobs like detective, etc