Summer Professional Development


Following is a recap of the professional development that is offered this summer. Have a great summer!

Marcia Tate

August 29 at Radley Elementary

The Behavior Code with Jessica Minahan

August 10 & 11 in Helena and Bozeman Contact Denielle Miller for more information.

Handwriting Without Tears

August 10 8:30 - 3:30 at Montana City Library. Register with Dorothy at the coop.

Assistive Technology with Tony Gentry

Smart technologies for Students With Autusm or Cognitive Behavioral Challenges

June 13, 2016

Shodair Children’s Hospital

2755 Colonial Drive – Helena, Montana

This workshop will focus on using mobile devices as cognitive‐behavioral and learning supports for students with autism, at home, at school, and in the community. We will discuss the HAAT model and positive behavioral supports facilitated by mobile apps as part of a larger exploration of current hardware and accessibility solutions. Then attendees will be loaned Apple iOS devices loaded with appropriate applications to use during the workshop. We will practice using accessibility settings, Bluetooth switches and other peripherals for students with sensorimotor impairments, and then address challenges to time management, task‐sequencing, wayfinding, behavior, and social skills. Using case studies drawn from extensive experience working directly with these tools among young people with autism, we will problem‐solve mobile technology solutions for these challenges, along with person tracking, augmentative communication, medication routines, and anxiety. We will explore strategies for leveraging these solutions to transition planning. The workshop will be experiential, and attendees will have opportunities to practice with the recommended apps, solve problems from their own cases, and develop stepwise strategies for implementing these solutions. There is NO COST for this workshop. If you have your own device, please bring. There will be devices provided for those who need them.

To register go to

Course ID – 6463

Video Modeling for Students with Autism or Behavior Challenges June 14, 2016

Shodair Children’s Hospital

2755 Colonial Drive – Helena, Montana

Video modeling is the most deeply researched and valid educational and behavioral‐training strategy in the mobile technology arsenal. During this half of the workshop, participants will explore the use of this strategy in positive behavioral support interventions for people with behavioral challenges, including supports for anxiety‐ management, task‐completion, wayfinding, problem‐solving, and social interactions. Participants will practice making effective instructional videos for a variety of students and situations and explore applications designed for video modeling uses. Learning from the first day’s workshop will be leveraged to combine all strategies for the just‐right solution for individual students.

Presenter – Tony Gentry, PhD OTR/L is an associate professor in the occupational therapy department at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he directs the Assistive Technology for Cognition laboratory, which conducts research into the development and utilization of mobile devices and apps, smart homes, and sensor‐based telehealth strategies to support individuals with cognitive‐behavioral challenges. Dr. Gentry has conducted well‐ received training workshops on these tools and strategies in 19 states and 3 foreign countries. He is the co‐owner of Neurological Expert Therapies, LLC, an assistive technology company focused on assisting people with autism, brain injury, and other neurological conditions. There is NO COST for this workshop. If you have your own device, please bring. There will be devices provided for those who need them.

To register go to

Course ID – 6464

Sponsored by the Montana Autism Education Project (MAEP)

Summer Educational Institute in Dillon

June 15 - 17

2 Semester Credit available for $115

MBI Summer Institute

June 20 - 24

2 Semester Credits available for $250

EC-LETRS in Boulder

August 22 & 23

Contact Denielle Miller for more information

LETRS for Early Childhood Educators

Authors: J. Ron Nelson, Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., Lucy Hart Paulson, Ph.D.
Grades: PreK-K


for Early Childhood Educators Supplemental Module provides quality professional development for early childhood educators interested in helping young children build a strong foundation in early literacy skills.

The program provides descriptions of the development of language and literacy in ways that create a deeper understanding of these important processes while offering practical strategies for building these skills in young children.

LETRS for Early Childhood Educators is appropriate for early childhood educators working with preschool and kindergarten children as well as early elementary children experiencing difficulty with the literacy process. It is also appropriate for early care and education providers who are interested in enhancing their own interactions with the children in their care.


There will be an initial training for CPI for anyone that has not taken the course in East Helena on August 17. The refresher course is August 18 in the morning. Call 227-5534 to register

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