What's the Buzz?!?

May 1, 2016

I don't know about you guys but I felt like last week flew by! A big thanks to all of the teachers who planned some great opportunities for our students. I know that on top of all of the other things you do it wasn't easy to organize field trips- but the students had such a great time and really enjoyed the fruits your labor (and so did I :) )!

Thanks, also, to all those who are busy preparing for 8th grade end of year festivities. Please make sure that you turn in your message to the 8th graders by the end of today to Mary Alice.

I also appreciate your hospitality as I joined you in your classrooms this week for walk throughs with Denny. There are a number of wonderful changes happening to the building over the Summer so I ask for your help, and patience, in facilitating those. I know that storage space is not plentiful in our building, but it just means that we can be thankful that the space is filled with students. Please know that the updates that are occurring will help you to better organize the items in your classroom as well as give a face lift to our building. Denny is working hard to preserve the storage space in each of your classrooms, so please do not worry! I encourage you to take this time and go through your things in order to purge outdated items or items that you have doubles and triples of. If you have any additional questions about items in your room please do not hesitate to ask Denny or myself.

We have finally received the new contracts from the Diocese! Father and I will be contacting you shortly to set up contract meetings. At this time we will go over your end of year review as well and hopefully be able to answer any of the scheduling questions you may have. I have really appreciated your patience as I have navigated this process.

I ask for your prayers this week as I interview new teachers for the Preschool/Pre-K, 3rd and 4th grade positions.

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A look ahead...

  • A big thanks to Eileen and the primary teachers for planning some great activities for Right to Read week! Tomorrow we kick off the week with an all school assembly that will feature a magician and 8th grade vs. teacher volleyball game. I will begin to call students down to the gym around 12:50. Students will all sit on one side of the volleyball net for the magician's performance and then spread out around the perimeter for the game. Please remember that 8th grade students may wear gym shoes tomorrow. Terri, Jackie, Bill, James, Thomas, Lynn, Peggy D., Stephanie, Eileen, Shelley S., and myself have all volunteered to play tomorrow! Carly, our coach, thought it would be a great idea if everyone wore their red lighthouse shirts. Mr. Jager will officiate the game. Linda and Mary- would you two be line judges?!?!
  • As mentioned in last Thursday's letter, our 8th graders will be selling ice cream sandwiches and popsicles this Friday after school. We will dismiss students to the courtyard if they are car riders and to the gym if they are bus riders. BUT- I will need your help! Linda, Mary, Mark, Bill, Thomas, Kathy H. and Terri will escort students to the courtyard and help to keep students safe out there and Stephanie, Eileen, Shelley S, Jennifer, Nicole, Lynn, and Jackie will help in the gym. If your name is not on the aforementioned list, please monitor your hallway so that we can ensure that all stragglers know where to go :) Thanks for your help in this very important endeavor!
  • Please remember that our all school rosary is rescheduled for Monday, May 9 at 2:00 PM.
  • In last week's What's the Buzz?!? I mentioned that we would have our kick off meeting with Epiphany on May 12. However, that is the date of Christian Coffee House and with everything that goes on with this event, and the necessary time for preparation, it is best to move it to a different date. We have rescheduled it for Monday, May 16 from 3:30-4:30. Please remember that teachers in grades pre-k-4 will only need to attend until 4:00pm and those in grades 5-8 will attend until 4:30 PM. I apologize for the scheduling change but I look forward to having a meeting with Epiphany and all of you!
  • Traditionally, the whole school attends a performance of Christian Coffee House near the time of the actual performance. This year, we have decided to have the all school performance on Friday, May 20 between Mass and the Family Picnic. We will begin at approximately 10:15 so that students may have a snack/restroom break before the performance begins.

As the weather gets nicer, and you spend more time outside with your students please remember that it is IMPERATIVE that you re-enter the building NO LATER than 2:40 each afternoon. So many of the messages and paperwork that Kara gives the students happens during this time. Additionally, I ask that you check in with Kara or Shelly before you leave the building so that if they need to find you they know where to do so.