German Immigrants

Josh Hertzog, Donje Redfern

When The Group Came To The United States

  • - They came To the United States 1800's
  • - Until 1871, Germany as a nation did not exist, People did not even realize them.

How the Germans Got To US

  • The Germans got To US by coming on there on terms. They came because there was to much conflict in there country. In 2000, people of German descent compromised the largest nationality or ethnic group( group of people who are not from the majority culture in the country in which they live.)
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Why The Immigrated To The USA

There are two reasons why the German Immigrant came to the United States. For one was because they wanted to better themselves economically. Not only the poorer People came, the wealthy people came also just to better themselves in general.

The second reason was because there were religious beliefs. The Germans wanted to have the freedom of religion. The Germans didn't want to be in there own country because of the persecution of the confessional Lutheran. Basically all they wanted was freedom of religious like America

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