Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School

February 8-12

Mission Statement

Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School is a living testament to our Lord's work in his youngest disciples, exemplified by academic excellence, spiritual formation, and compassionate service to others.

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 8

Nolan Staff Visits SMG

6:30 Advisory Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 9

Fat Tuesday (Students may wear beads and any combination of purple and gold socks)

1:30 Mardi Gras Parade & Prayer Service

Wednesday, February 10

Ash Wednesday

10:00AM Mass

Friday, February 12

2:00 Stations of the Cross

Valentine Exchange (integrated into the academic day; no parties or food)

Party Replaced with Valentine Exchange in Honor of our Lenten Season

There are so many exciting activities coming up! As Valentine's Day falls during our Lenten season, I've made some adjustments to our Valentine's Party. Given that we have a Mardi Gras Parade and events on Fat Tuesday, after thoughtful prayer and consideration, I would like for our Saint Valentine celebration to be a friendship exchange rather than a "party." I have tried to look at this situation from as many angles as possible and I cannot logically or faithfully defend having a "party" during school hours, two days after Ash Wednesday. I would like our students to understand the importance of Lent and honor the Stations every Friday as it is already scheduled. Please prayerfully consider the importance of this adjustment and help our young disciples embrace the idea of putting Christ first and guide them into the deeper meaning of our faith. As stated in the FAQs from Catholic Online...We should allow ourselves to be led into the deeper meaning of Christ and "to experience our salvation as an ongoing process as we cooperate with grace and allow the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead, to change us from within making us more like Him."

Details for a friendship exchange consist of refraining from a party-like atmosphere and celebrating the idea of sending notes of kindness to their friends, classmates, and teachers in a reflective manner. Taking turns delivering Valentines to each student and allowing students time to go through their cards would be a meaningful social activity. This will be worked into the schedule sometime during the day before Stations on Friday of next week. This would mean students can bring their Valentines to school with them and exchange as directed by the teacher on Friday. This is a classroom activity and will be worked into the daily schedule rather than a celebration or party. Most classes have opted to do this exchange during the regularly scheduled snack time designated for each class. Students may bring their own snack as each child may have different Lenten promises. The idea is to share thoughts and friendship, but also honor our commitment and sacrifices to Christ.

To clarify, "Valentines" may include pencils, goodies, cards, or wrapped treats. Any wrapped food items will be sent home with the children with the rest of their Valentines.

Just to alleviate any other confusion, Birthday treats are still welcome during Lent. We are just refraining from hosting a "party" during school hours while we are in Lent.

May we follow the Lord as we center ourselves for the Lenten season.
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Jump Rope for Heart (K-2)

Kindergarteners along with first and second graders have been participating in Jump Rope for Heart sponsored by the American Heart Association. This educational program is designed to teach students about the benefits of aerobic exercise and cardiovascular endurance to keep their hearts healthy. Students also learn about good nutrition and which foods are “anytime” foods and which foods are “sometimes” foods. Second graders are practicing new jumping skills and improving their balance, rhythm, and timing while kindergarteners and first graders are learning how to jump rope and improve their jumping skills. Students and parents have been collecting donations for research that is conducted by the American Heart Association. The program encourages children to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime and encourages participation in a worthy service project. Donation envelopes are due this coming Friday, Feb. 12.
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SMG is currently accepting applications for Certified Teachers for the 2016-2017 school year. Other positions available include Gym Director, Development Coordinator, & Technology Director. Email resume and cover letter to
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Dinner Dance

Mark your calendars for March 5th to join the festivities for the Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School annual Dinner Dance! Questions? Donations? Please contact chairs, Claudia Clark or Robin Coffey.
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Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church Lenten Retreat

Join us for a very special Lenten Retreat with Father Peter Lyons, TOR on Friday, February 26 from 7:00-8:00 PM and Saturday, February 27 from 10:00-11:00. Father Peter was the formation director for Father Luke and Father Mike and comes highly recommended.

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Saint Maria Goretti's New Logo for Church and School