Apple Blossoms

Out of the Dust

By Karen Hesse

Pg. 43

Smore By Brett K.

Chris Zabriskie - Prelude No. 21

Apple Blossoms


Has been nursing these two trees

For as long as I can remember

In spite of the dust

In spite of the drought,

Because of Ma’s stubborn care

These trees are thick with blossoms

Delicate and


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My eyes can’t get enough of the sight of them.

I stand under the trees

And let the petals

Fall into my hair,

A blizzard

Of sweet-smelling flowers,

Dropped from the boughs of the two

Placed there

In the front yard by Ma

Before I was born,

That she and they might bring forth fruit

Into our home,


What Does it Mean?

In the first stanza of this poem Billie Jo seems kind of sad and she is thinking in the past. She is appreciating what Ma did to care for the trees and not let them die.

In the second stanza Billie Jo is happier and thinking in the present. She is admiring all of the apple blossoms and thinking about what the apples could do for them.

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Why Did I Chose this Poem?

I chose this poem because I thought that the poem was really important to Billie Jo. It really showed how much she thought her mother contributed to her family. Also you could really tell that how much the apple blossoms meant to her.

How does it Add to the Story?

This poem adds to the story because of how it shows the importance of Ma and the apple trees to Billie Jo.

What makes this Poem Powerful?

I think this poem is very powerful because of how it describes the apple blossoms with the five sences and it makes you feel like you are there.
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The 3 R's

  • The lines in each stanza go from small to big or big to small.
  • The repetition of the phrase "In Spite" makes you know how hard it was to grow anything there.
  • The words white and sight rhyme as well as hair and there

Why did I Choose this Song?

I Chose the song Prelude No. 21 by Chris Zabriskie because I felt like it started out with a sad mood but then got happier as it goes. The Poem Apple Blossoms is the same way because it starts sad and gets happier. Also I chose this song because it is played with a piano like Billie Jo.

Prelude No. 21 by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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