Auburn Staff Digest

October 14, 2016

A Big Shout Out!

  • Our "Auburn" Avondale Writing Committee Members - Jackie, Erika, & Kristen
  • Shawn, Anne & Alex for supporting students outside of the classroom last week!
  • Sharing your thinking about student leadership, responsibility and building-wide problem solving around social & emotional learning.
  • Margaret for leading BIAB again this year!
  • Kristen & Melissa rockin' out "What I Need Time" - individualizing instruction for all!
  • Alex, Anne, and Amanda for supporting families and learners with a crazy busy meeting schedule.
  • Alex submitted a "Adopt a Classroom" request and is receiving iPads & books for her classroom. Way to go Alex & donors!
  • Joann for her hustle and 'can do' attitude

New Noon Supervisor Team

Please welcome our new NOON SUPERVISOR team. While not all members are completely "new" - we do have a new team name and ask for your support in naming and introducing us. We are working together to keep our cafeteria and playground happy and productive places to grow and explore positive social relationships. Thank you for the work you do each day on behalf of our students!

Sudha Achanta

Kathy Gyger

Billie Jo Hershock

Melissa Watton

Mark Your Calendar

  • Strategic Planning Meeting with Dr. Schwarz @ Auburn Elementary - Tuesday October 18 4:00-5:00
  • 1st Grade iReady Math - October 17-28
  • OU Leadership Celebration - October 21

Dr. Schwarz - Tuesday 10/18 @ 4:00

Please don't miss the important updates and chance to share your thinking about the Avondale 2020 strategic plan. Dr. Schwarz is visiting each school campus and won't want to miss the opportunity to share and think with you. Thanks for taking time to fit this in,

Grade Level Information Needed!

Please send your completed daily schedule (*see email) and grade level planning date to me by Friday, October 21. Thanks!

Common grade level planning time is a significant investment and supports so much of what we know to be necessary to carry out high levels of teaching & learning for ourselves and our students. I know that we are all busy and tend to "get together' as needed. I am asking you to also designate one day of the week that your grade level team will be together and where you plan to meet. This allows me opportunity to join up with your planning, thinking and connecting around student progress, data analysis, instructional design, cultures of thinking implementation, etc. Remember if the Daily Schedule format doesn't work for you, no worries - please send me the format you are using - thanks!

PTO News

Our Parent Teacher Organization needs your involvement! Check out the meeting sign up in our mail room or use the sign up genius to be sure that our teacher voice is shared at each meeting - we are the TEACHER in PTO :) There is also new information related to classroom reimbursements in your mailbox. Check it out!

Hempton Classroom Visits

Coming Soon ....a Sign Up Genius Link to select a time for a Hempton Class Visit. I will be there to review and support your classroom learning goals and expectations as well as share a building wide 'motto' that we can incorporate into building wide use as we work on next steps as a professional staff.

Kindness....Catch it!

Heartwarming Thai Commercial - Thai Good Stories By Linaloved

Interesting Way to Honor Mistakes as Learning

Thank You!

Thank you for the kind reception at Parkside yesterday. it was great to meet Oakland staff and to connect with Auburn folks after school. I also was so touched by the kindness and appreciation this morning. You are an awesome staff!