Big Era 6 and 7 Presentation

By: Darius, Marcus, Jonah, and Sammy

Prompt: Why is this time period called the Great Convergence?

This period of time was called the great convergence because of knowledge that was shared, migration, and trade. According to "The Big Era 6 Powerpoint", "People came together, as scholars translated books and taught others the knowledge they learned about natural science, math, and philosophy. Knowledge was one of the many things that brought the civilization together because everyone was on the same page educational wise. Another reason this time was called the great convergence was because of the migration that took place. "During the great convergence people began migrating together creating better technology, spreading religion that increased population growth." (The Big Era 6 Powerpoint). The result of migration was better technology and the spread of religion and because of these two things others became more involved in their area. The final reason the time period was called the Great Convergence is because of trade. According to "The Big Era 6 Powerpoint" "As people traded they came together and were introduced to new products." Trading introduced others to new things and others learned more about what people used. Such as art, food, and knowledge. All in all this period was called the great convergence because of the transfer of knowledge, migration, and trade.

Prompt: What changes occurred that made Big Era 7 different from Big Era 6?

Big Era 7 was different from Big Era 6 in many different ways, from fossil fuels, migration, and communication. According to "The Big Era 7 PowerPoint", " Fossil Fuels such as coal, electricity, gas, petroleum, and nuclear allowed people to produce products faster, and travel faster then ever before." These were one of three major factors in Big Era 7 that changed from Big Era 6. The terms "Trade" and "Communication" was now not only used in the state or country people were in but, across the world. " Steamboats, railroads, newspaper, and transtantic cable were created." (The Big Era 7 PowerPoint). The creations of these things were not only a step for then it was a step for the future. The new types of transportation were introduced in Big Era 7 where in 6 the people mostly only traveled by boat. Big Era 7 not only caused trade it also caused a increase in migration from all across the world. The " Big Era 7 PowerPoint" also states " Migration happened more frequently." Migration was more common in in Big Era 7 for example the migration from Europe, Africa, and the labor migration from Asia. Big Era 7 was different from Big Era 6 in different ways, some that have morphed the common living. So, Big Era 7 was different from Big Era 6 because of fossil fuels, migration, and communication.