literary term #1

by:Elijah Chandler

The sniper

3rd person limited - it is where you learn the thoughs and feelings of one character, this part of the story is only telling you feelings of one character. ''His nerves steadied. The cloud of fear scattered from his mind and he laughed''.

2nd literary term

Protagonist-Is always a round -dynamic character. The sniper is the protagonist because the other guy is his target to get rid of. ''Then when the smoke cleared he peered across and uttered a cry of joy. His enemy had been hit''

Antagonist-force working against the protagonist. The enemy against the sniper is the antagonist because he is against the sniper. ''The other sniper, seeing the cap and rifle fall, thought that he had killed his man.''


3rd literary term

Setting-Where and when the story takes place . ''The long June faded into night''.

''This story is set in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1920s''. This tells the time and place of the story

4th literary term

man vs man-character has a problem with one or more characters-''A man's head and shoulders appeared, looking toward the sniper. The sniper raised his rifle and fired. The head fell heavily on the turret wall. The woman darted toward the side street. The sniper fired again. The whirled round and fell with a shriek into the gutter. Suddenly from the opposite roof a shot rang out and the sniper dropped his rifle with a curse. The rifle clattered to the roof. The sniper thought the noise would wake the dead. He stooped to pick the rifle up. He couldn't lift it. His forearm was dead. ''I'm hit he muttered''.

what i learned from this

I learned different terms and different meanings and how they are propelled into the story of "The Sniper".This project helped me get an great understanding of the terms and the meanings.